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The Best ‘Melt Into Your Skin’ Kinda Foundations For Winter

The Best ‘Melt Into Your Skin’ Kinda Foundations For Winter

Some sleuthing around on the Internet has revealed to me serum-soft foundations that impart a summer-like glow to your face even during the cold-weather season. It wasn’t easy. But I did it. While coverage varies from product to product, each formula is enriched with skin-loving ingredients that plummet right into your skin like butter. These formulas blend and melt seamlessly, and the result is a dreamy, dewy-dumpling decadence that doesn’t falter in the face of winter. Ahead — the absolute best dewy foundations for winter in India.

The Best Glow-Inducing Foundations For Winter

Wrinkles & Lines, Who?

This antioxidant-rich, soft-focus formula is equipped with long-stay, water-resistant abilities. While it boasts medium-to-high coverage, it leaves behind a luminous-looking base that enhances the appearance of the skin naturally. This product is infused with skin-loving Vitamin C and Italian Red Orange Extracts — both well-known antioxidants that minimise the appearance of ageing on the skin. You best believe it conceals wrinkles, lines, and unevenness in your skin tone like an expert.


For A Dreamy Dewy Dumpling Aesthetic

This soft-focus foundation is your key to achieving the dreamy dewy-dumpling aesthetic. It is lightweight, velvety-smooth, and power-packed with skin-loving actives like Hyaluronic Acid, Niacinamide, and Vitamin C that plummet into the skin right on contact. While it is buildable, it’s endowed with a low-to-medium coverage that imparts a second-skin-like effect to the face.

So Light, You Won’t Feel It

This serum-textured, water-light formula is the lightest base-enhancing formula. It feels weightless and hydrating against the skin, and that’s thanks to the skin-loving mélange of ingredients that enrich the foundation. A blend of Hyaluronic Acid to seal in moisture, Kale Oil to regenerate cells along with stimulating the production of collagen, and Calendula Extracts to protect the skin against pollution and other aggressors, this one falls right into sync with your skincare (especially if your skin is dry) — just layer some on, and you’ll notice how it pumps moisture into the skin instantly. This one’s the best dewy foundation for dry skin.


Did You Say SPF?

This formula boasts a fresh-faced decadence, and rightfully so. If you prefer foundations that make your skin look hydrated and nourished without the sheen, this one is it for you. It’s a 32-hour fresh-wear formula that’s infused with an SPF of 25 and Vitamin C, and while a pea-sized drop provides you with long-stay, high coverage, it aims for a natural, blendable finish that doesn’t weigh your skin down with product.

The Most Economical Of ‘Em All

This Hyaluronic Acid-spiked, skin-true foundation is coveted for how buildable and blendable it is. It’s more for those with an uneven skin tone — say spots or pigmentation — and aims for a silky-smooth, natural-looking base. It’s also economical, vegan, and cruelty-free. What are you waiting for? This is the perfect switch-up for winter, and it doesn’t even put a dent in your pocket.


Which one of these are you adding to your winter-care cart?

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05 Dec 2022
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