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What’s The Best Makeup Look According To Your Eye Shape? We Take Cue From Bollywood Celebs

What’s The Best Makeup Look According To Your Eye Shape? We Take Cue From Bollywood Celebs

Doing eye makeup can sometimes be daunting. One minute you’re blending your eyeshadows and the next moment it’s game over when a particular eyeshadow has too much fallout or you sneeze while doing your mascara! Honestly, the chances of these happening to everyone is really rare but there are other factors that can result in less than flattering results, such as your eye shape!

Each one of us has a unique eye shape. And if doing your eyes is your favourite part of doing makeup, read along to know how the right techniques can take your eye makeup look to another level.

Makeup According To Your Eye Shape

We all have a certain style of doing our makeup, especially when it comes to doing our eye makeup. It can be as simple as doing just a winged eyeliner or doing a dramatic look. But, does it look good with your particular eye shape? Let’s find out!

Round Eyes

If you have round eyes, the idea is to define your eyes, especially around your lower lash line. You can either use an eye pencil or a kohl liner and draw along the lash line. Do not shy away from colours as it’ll make your eyes pop!

If you wish to ‘alter’ the shape of your eyes, try doing some neutral makeup on your lids while going in with darker shades on the lower lash line. Or you can try smoking your eyes with a darker shade on the outer corner for a snatched look.

You can also enhance the outer corner of your eyes with a highlighter or a bright shade. If you love wearing falsies, fuller the better!

Hooded Eyes

Doing makeup on hooded eyes can be a tad difficult! You can spend hours perfecting that perfect blend, only for it to be hidden by the hood of your eyes.

The first and foremost thing is to apply an eye primer so that your makeup doesn’t move. When applying your shadows, keep your eyes open to find the crease and define your eyes accordingly. Exaggerate your makeup just a little bit and keep opening and closing your eyes to see how your eyes look. If you’re doing a cat-eye, keep it thin in the middle extend it outwards.

Make sure you add a pop of colour to your lower lashes as it’ll give your makeup a more balanced look. Experiment with coloured mascaras to add that oomph to your look.

Using just one shade on your lids, up to your brows is also amazing as it’ll ‘hide’ the fact that you’re from the hoods or go crazy with a glitter shadow!


Close-Set Eyes

When you have limited space between your eyes, it means you have close-set eyes! The idea is to either create a wider illusion that you have a wide set of eyes or do makeup that accentuates your eye shape.

Try focusing your eyeshadow on the outer corner of your eyes and smudge it to give a smokey effect. Choose a dark shade, such as black, brown, or even burgundy, and apply it on the outer corner of your eyes, both on the top and bottom and keep the rest of the eye look to a minimum.

Just focusing on your lower lashes and defining then with a thick kohl liner, with an accentuated liner can do the trick for you. Apply a dash of a shimmer shadow in the inner corner of your eyes, it will draw attention to your eyes and your makeup look.

An inverted cat-eye will also look great on this particular eye shape.

Big Eyes

If you have big, bold eyes like Deepika Padukone, you’re in for a treat as there are so many eye makeup styles you can do such as a bomb cut crease or a colourful eye look.

Kohl-rimmed eyes look stunning if you have big eyes. Go for darker shades on the lid so that it gives an illusion of smaller eyes.  Do not shy away from adding a splash of colour to your inner corner. Play with brighter hues and let your eyes do all the talking.

Almond Eyes

If you have almond-shaped eyes, here’s what you need to do. Try doing a soft cat-eye (not so sharp at the end) as it’ll look so stunning. Give an extra dimension to your eyes and elongate them by dragging your eyeshadow towards the outer direction for a more feline look.

Do not do a thick liner as it’ll make your eyes look smaller. Ditch your black kohl liner for a white one as it’ll make your eyes appear bigger.

Pay attention to the shades you pick. Use a dark shade on the outer corner of your eyes and a soft shade on the rest of your eyes. Add extra coats of mascara on the lower lash line.

We bet you’re grabbing your eyeshadow palette RN!

Featured Image: Youtube/Pinterest

29 Jul 2020

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