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If You Want To Fake A Laminated Eyebrow Look, Reach For These 10/10 Brow Gels!

If You Want To Fake A Laminated Eyebrow Look, Reach For These 10/10 Brow Gels!

Do you want to know the secret behind taking your brow game from drab to fab? Just add an eyebrow gel to your makeup arsenal. As we trade social distancing for more in-person interactions, well-defined arches are the perfect accompaniment to a first date or friend reunion. Whether you’re going for soap brows or a laminated look- eyebrow gels give your brow a fluffy yet structured style in a couple of swipes, so they’re perfect for rushed mornings, or quick, 5-minute routines. They are also an excellent pick for no-makeup makeup days. Brush one on to tame unruly hairs, and add a gorgeous sheen, just enough of a little something to polish off your look. And let’s not forget that they can pull double duty, too! A great swap for black mascara to give your lashes a little natural-looking boost.

However, there is an abnormally large number of truly terrible brow gels out there. Nothing is more nightmarish than a flaky, gloopy, or -gulp-crusty finish. To make your online shopping life a little bit easier, we are sharing the very best selections among the brow-gel crowd. Keep scrolling! Your arches are about to rise to their maximum potential.

6 Brow Gels That’ll Give You Brushed-Up & Laminated Eyebrows At Home

To Fake A Feathered Look

Anastasia Beverly Hills is wildly popular for its extensive collection of coveted brow products? This clear brow gel is a hero product loved by bloggers and MUAs alike. The best bits about this gel? The teeny-tiny brush gives us complete control to set the hair in place while allowing us to deposit the perfect amount of product exactly where we want it. It’s time to bid adieu to your brow pencil for good!

Wow Brow FTW!

Is there anything Elf can’t do? This brow product takes the top spot on our list. It has a magic wand for mastering natural-looking laminated brows, the neutral brown gel sets each hair strand in place till the time you take it off. Plus, the brush is just the right size to dispose of the excess gel leaving you with the perfect arches.

For Super Glam Brows

If you wish to hop on the trend without bleeding your bank account, may we introduce you to your new BFF? This PAC two-way gel rivals the abilities of the most expensive brow products. It’s perfect for those who just want to sculpt and hold their brows without any colour residue. This one is perfect for a natural feather effect.

Thou Brow Shalt Stay On Fleek

Be prepared to wave goodbye to your old eyebrow pencil. Trust us, you won’t miss it. Benefit has a cult following for creating some of the most groundbreaking products and this one product is no different. The gel comes in 3 different colours and is perfect for folks who love bushy, brushed-up brows. It’ll set the hair in place giving you a celeb-like look.

Nail Those Bomb Brows!

There’s a reason the laminated brow trend has amassed a cult-like reputation amongst beauty obsessives and MUAs. This hard-working formula delivers the maximum staying power and sets even the most sparse hair in place all day long. This comes with a super-slim spoolie, so all you need to do is dip the spoolie into the tube and brush on for super glam brows.

To Ace A Natural Feathery Effect

Looking for super-smooth brows that look like you have got them professionally laminated? This brow volumizing fibre mascara gel will do the trick for you. Whether you’re blessed with bountiful eyebrows or you’ve some sparse edges – this works in holding the most unruly in place.

If you’re looking for a double-duty product that gives you a fuller flutter while sculpting your brows, we recommend investing in this 2 in 1 Eyeliner + HD Powder Combo. We promise all eyes will be on you after using this!

Only good brow days ahead!

Featured Image: Instagram

08 Apr 2022

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