#BraDiaries: The BEST Bras For The Busty Girl!

Gayatri SahayGayatri Sahay  |  May 5, 2016
#BraDiaries: The BEST Bras For The Busty Girl!


Finding a bra that gives you good support, fits perfectly and doesn’t look like it was made for an eighty-year-old aunty (no offence, aunty ji!) isn’t exactly an easy thing, in India – especially! For some reason us bustier gals just have to “make do” and adjust accordingly. Well, we say – no more! After all, if we do have to send the ladies to what can only be described as BOOB JAIL – then it might as well be the best-equipped prison out there! So, instead of proposing what we think miiiight fit the bill, we bring you the ultimate, tried and tested selection of bras for those “juicy juicy mangoes” – these offer fantastic support and even add a touch of oo-la-la!

1. Fancy, Fancy Freya

bras for bigger busts

Okay, so seriously – Freya is just about the best brand out there for those of us that have been (overly) blessed in the bosom department! Their bras are really comfy and have been designed specifically with a bigger bust in mind – that means come 5 p.m., when your boobs are normally begging for their break-free moment, you’ll actually find yourself still surprisingly comfy!

POPxo recommends: Freya Eden Floral Plunge Balcony bra (Rs. 2,354)

2. Braving Backless

bras for bigger busts

So whether you want to try a new sari blouse design with a peekaboo or have fallen in love with a dress that is backless, the fact is – you’re going to have to wear a bra! That limits the options a bit. But instead of veering away from those clothes – why not opt for a bra that offers a clear strap at the back? That way you get all the support you need and don’t have to worry about the straps showing at the back!

POPxo recommends: Coucou Comfort Cup Padded Wirefree Invisible Back Bra (Rs. 495)

3. Leave Me Breathless

bras for bigger busts

The thing I – and I’m sure others – find most uncomfortable about bras is that the band is just too damn tight. By the end of most days, I find myself almost breathless and in a bit of pain from having worn a bra. This just isn’t right and can leave you feeling pretty miserable. If you are on the curvier side of things and have a bust that is larger than 36, then we recommend going for “curve” wear. It really does help with breathing space and moulds around contours and curves appropriately!

POPxo recommends: Pour Moi St Tropez Full Cup Bra (Rs 2,251)

4. Minimize Your Size

bras for bigger busts

Sometimes your boobs can be less of an asset and more of a pain – this is especially true considering the back pain, we know! But also, when it comes to outfits. There are so many times when something fits beautifully, hugs all the right places and hides the rest and then it gets to the bust… too tight! This could be because you’re opting for a bra that offers more of a push-up factor than support. Why not try a minimizer instead? Oh, and they really help with the back pain too (because they distribute the weight of the breasts in a certain way)!

POPxo recommends: Intimate Street Microfibre Minimizer (Rs 2,735)

5. Nude Is Neutral

bras for bigger busts

Having a nude coloured bra is an absolute essential. No matter what colour your outfit is, a neutral beige tone will always work well underneath it. Something to consider as well, with nude coloured bras, is the straps. After all, if you’re going to lengths to make sure that your bra can’t be seen under what you’re wearing then why ruin it with thick, ugly straps?!

POPxo recommends: Ultimo Fuller Bust Balcony Bra (Rs. 2,763)

P.S.: Ultimo is a great brand, in general, for larger busts…

6. Style Vs Support

bras for bigger busts

As already mentioned, sometimes it is really hard to find pretty, cutesy bras that are available for larger busts. While you should never compromise on support and comfort for style – it’s nice to have a few pretty bras for those times that you might not be the only one seeing it! Tee hee… Plus, coloured straps are also a pretty awesome compromise under spaghetti tops and dresses, since you basically never have the option of going bra-free anyway!

POPxo recommends: Coucou Comfort Padded Wirefree Floral Bra (Rs. 575)

7. The T-Shirt Bra

bras for bigger busts

T-shirts – super comfy, can dress ‘em up or down, and such a wardrobe staple, right? Having a good T-shirt bra, though, is not as easy-breezy as the item itself! You want to go for one that gives you a good shape and doesn’t take away from the comfort of the clothing you’re wearing!

POPxo recommends: Triumph T Shirt Bra (Rs. 1,499)

8. Strapless, Not Supportless

bras for bigger busts

Just when you thought going strapless wasn’t an option, we found you one that actually works! It holds things up nicely and has a wider band that allows for more oomph and less sag!

And, if you can’t find a trusty strapless bra in your size, then a top trick – when going strapless – is cutting off the straps of a bra that gives you great support and using a detachable bra strap from another bra and wrapping it around the base of the strap. It really helps to keep everything in place!

POPxo recommends: Enamor Padded Wired Bra (Rs. 895)

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