Self-Care Is Essential: 8 Beauty Rituals That You Need To Indulge In During The Lockdown

Ayushi VermaAyushi Verma  |  May 3, 2021
8 Beauty Self-Care Rituals To Try During Quarantine


Navigating our way through what can only be described as a strange kind of pause, we are desperately longing for the good old days. The lockdown has been rough but on a positive note, it has given us an opportunity for a beauty reboot with an ample amount of time to indulge in self-care practices. Yes, always remember to savour the little things. 

So to keep the quarantine blues at bay, we’ve rounded up some feel-good beauty rituals that will surely pump you with happy hormones. Take a quick, lighthearted break from all the chaos of the world and keep swiping for a must-try list of mood-boosting self-care practices that are the perfect pick-me-up for your skin, hair, and nails.


Stress-Busting Beauty Rituals To Try Out During The Lockdown

Steam Your Face

Steaming takes your skin to the next level. It opens pores, loosens any dirt, and pulls out residue that has been sitting snug at the surface. Trust us, it actually works wonders. It also helps in minimizing pores, eases out the blackhead removal process, and makes your skincare more effective by trapping in the hydration. 


Overnight Nourishing Hair Mask


TBH, If we could have one wish granted to us by our imaginary beauty genie, it would be to wake up with glossy hair that falls effortlessly. Lucky for us, there are some overnight hair masks that promise luscious locks. Try or you can make a DIY mask using your kitchen ingredients.

Enhance Your Lash Growth

Give your lashes and brows some extra TLC to pave the way to fuller flutter. In a bowl, add 1 tablespoon of coconut oil and 1/2 tablespoon of castor oil. Rip open 2 Vitamin E capsules and pour the ingredients into this mix. Blend it well and transfer it into a clean mascara bottle. You can apply it on your lashes and brows and leave it overnight for the best results. You can also try a lash serum available in the market.


Try Vibrant Nails


Get those insta-ready nails. Try the trendiest vibrant nails that will brighten your day right up. Keep the boredom at bay by giving yourself a real fancy manicure. You can try nail art but if nail art isn’t your vibe, might we suggest you paint all your nails in different colours. It is an easy peasy way to instantly elevate your mood and style.


Indulge In Facial Exercises For Brighter, Tighter Skin

If you really want to reap the benefits of quarantine, try some facial yoga exercises. From lifted brows to sculpted face and sharper jawline – try game-changing facial exercises that promise to give expensive-looking skin like celebs. You can use face oil or a moisturizer beforehand to enhance the process of sculpting and lifting the face.


Slap On A Sheet Mask


We’d be remiss not to pay our respects to these investment-worthy, highly sought-after, and beloved sheet masks that can tackle all kinds of skin concerns. TBH, the best part of slapping on a sheet mask is not just the mask itself. Rather, it’s the fact that you’ve time to settle in, grab a mask-safe-snack and give in to the ritual’s soothing process. 


Get Rid Of Unwanted Facial Hair

Peach fuzz is completely natural and it happens to all of us. It’s okay if you want to let it be, but if you’re feeling conscious because of it. You can try using a facial razor like this one to get rid of facial hair. The result? Total hairlessness will leave your skin looking brighter and will make the application of skincare and beauty products so much smoother.


Dry Brush Your Body


The physical act of rubbing the bristles against your skin loosens and removes dead skin cells and makes your body feel smoother and more supple. Head’s up: Your regular ol’ hairbrush is not what you want to use for this. Think of the wooden brushes that you find in the loofah section. We recommend using the Long Handled Cactus Bath Brush by The Bodu Shop.


Try these stress-busting hacks to upgrade your beauty game during quarantine!

Featured Image: Pexels