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Beauty Secrets: How NOT To Look Older Than You Are!

Ageing is inevitable, and it happens to us all. While our grandmother’s flawless face still stands the test of time, with what we put our skin through, it’s quite natural for it to age sooner. Pollution, stress, bad eating habits and UV radiation expedites the skin’s natural ageing process – what you get in return is sallow and tired-looking skin. Though it isn’t possible to stop nature’s course, you can certainly slow down the process and reverse its immediate effects. Look and feel young with these easy steps to take care of your skin and kickstart the fight against signs of ageing…

1. Prevention is key

At any age, take good care of your skin. Workout and get more sleep, stay away from smoking and avoid crash dieting. A few simple changes to our lifestyle and skin care routine can slow down the signs of aging.

2. Stick to a vitamin and mineral rich diet and avoid junk food

What goes in your body, shows first on your skin and hair. anti ageing

3. Include supplements and Omega-3 fatty acids to keep your skin supple

Try Perfectil, a supplement containing a formula of 24 nutrients that helps you maintain a clear and supple complexion, glossy hair and strong nails.


4. Keep your skin hydrated

Drink plenty of water and eat water-rich foods like cucumber and melon. When it comes to your products, read the label for anti-inflammatory agents (like mushroom and aloe) and hyaluronic acid, lipids and amino acids (like peptides and ceramides) which keep the skin hydrated. anti ageing

5. Wear sunglasses for your skin as much as for your style quotient

To protect the delicate skin around your eyes.

6. NEVER sleep with your makeup on

It can block your pores and leave oil trapped inside which leads to bacteria buildup and breakouts. anti ageing

7. You should start applying sunscreen as early as your pre-teens

Since the sun’s harsh rays cause the maximum damage to exposed skin, it’s best to start with sunscreen as early as you can. Choose SPF 30 or more, and reapply every two hours.


8. Become a fan of products with antioxidant ingredients

Look for products with retinols and peptides that stimulate collagen production and become a fan of antioxidant ingredients like pomegranate and green tea, vitamins C and E, acai, and apple stem cells, which protect skin while fighting wrinkles. anti ageing

9. Understand the difference between night and day creams

Both have different roles to perform. Day creams are focused on protection against UV rays, pollution, and environmental stresses. The SPF in them is meant to prevent sunburn and the antioxidants are to fight free radicals. Night creams on the other hand are heavier and are focused on moisture and recovery (since the skin repairs and regenerates itself at night time). They also contain the highest concentrations of anti-aging compounds and ingredients like retinol, glycolic acid and hyaluronic acid, which are able to work without interference of sunscreens. Make sure to build a skin care regimen that includes both day and night creams.

10. Your late 30s and 40s could be too late to start worrying about wrinkles

It sounds surprising, but your mid-20s is actually when you should start thinking about wrinkles and research good anti-ageing creams – it’s at this age that collagen starts to break down. Include a supplement like Perfectil in your diet. It has vitamins and minerals essential for healthy blood circulation and strong tissue formation. The best part – it doubles up as a multivitamin, so you don’t need to pop any other pills and supplements. anti ageing Your face is the first thing people notice, so take charge of your own skin health, and stay youthful, beautiful and confident! Start TODAY. Images: Shutterstock   * This is a sponsored post for Perfectil by Vitabiotics. Perfectil is free from gelatine, artificial colours, preservatives, gluten, fat, starch and yeast, and is produced under fully licensed pharmaceutical manufacture according to strict quality control. It has been developed without testing on animals and is suitable for vegetarians. Perfectil (Rs 400 for 30 tablets) is available at all chemists across India and online at www.perfectil.com. anti ageing Images: shutterstock  



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05 May 2016

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