10 Sports Bras You Can Add To Cart To Keep The Comfort Going Even After Lockdown

khushboo sharmakhushboo sharma  |  Apr 17, 2020
10 Sports Bras You Can Add To Cart To Keep The Comfort Going Even After Lockdown


Not even a month since lockdown and wearing bras already feels like a distant memory? Well, don’t beat yourself up about it for this literally is every woman out there right now. I mean, supportive as they are, bras really do get kind of obsolete in the comforts of one’s home. However, and let’s please be hopeful here, this lockdown is going to get lifted one of these days and well, we are gonna need our almost forgotten bras then. Just the thought makes you feel all icky? To add to it, most of us have gone really comfortable with our clothing. Even our ‘Gram is currently full of celebrities who have duly shed all the trends in the world for the comforts of athleisure

Rest assured, comfort clothing is clearly going to rule the fashion scene post quarantine and a good, comfortable sports bra would end up being one of the staples not just for your workout sessions but also otherwise. So might we interest you with a few picks that’ll keep you aptly stocked this summer? Scroll through:

For Some Extra Comfort

The most basic of the sports bra, this one remains special for being unbelievably comfortable. These bras are best suited for low impact activities and serve as good everyday bras owing to their soft, restricting fit. Give your pullover sports bra a go right after lockdown to acclimatise yourself to the bra scene yet again. 

For The Spirits

While we stay comfortable in our sports bras, all of us can do with a little cheering up right now. And what better way to do it than a nice pop of colour. Going big on the ‘Gram right now, colour pop sports bra will go a long way this season. Put on a mesh or sheer top on top of your colour pop bra, pair it with a pair of jeggings and you’d be ready to go for a shopping outing. Alternatively, you can also play a little game of peek a boo with your colour pop bra by pairing it with a loose crop top for your workout session. 

For Some Style

No one ever said that comfortable cannot be stylish and we have all the right to make it chic while we rock some comfy bras, right? Contrary to what we believe, sports bras do come in some really nice styles and can easily make up for the plunge bra-shaped hole in your heart while you put them aside due to sheer discomfort.

For The Love Of Sports

All about that high-intensity workout life? Well, what you need is a high impact training bra that will take care of all your support needs while keeping it airy and comfortable. For this category specifically, opt for bras designed by renowned sports brands like Nike, Reebok, and Adidas. You can also explore Decathalon and Amazon for some great picks as well. 

For Those Who Like It Strappy Yet Sporty

Love the support and comfort of the sports bra but hate those wide straps? Well, we are not judging you. In fact, we have a solution for you and exactly what you have been looking for all this while: sports bra that comes with delicate straps! No, we aren’t kidding and yes, they are as dreamy as they sound! However, be warned that comfortable as they are, these bras don’t provide the kind of support that a training bra does.

So ladies, all set to conquer the world in utmost comfort post lockdown?

Featured Image: Zivame