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10 Indian Brands To Support Post Lockdown While You Plan Your Summer Wardrobe

10 Indian Brands To Support Post Lockdown While You Plan Your Summer Wardrobe

The fashion industry today is facing a big crisis with the mightiest of players shutting down and praying for things to improve before the situation gets worse. That the industry is never going to be the same again is a given. However, besides impacting the current dynamic for the fashion industry, the coronavirus pandemic has also made us question our consumer behaviour and consumption patterns. So many of us are beginning to realise how obsolete most of our lifestyle practices happen to be. It’s time we change who we have been as consumers all this while. However, don’t get too inundated by that brief, baby steps are just fine.

You can start by simply stocking on some amazing brands that have been supporting Indian artisans and handcrafts while engaging in sustainable practices all this while. By doing so, not only will you support a brand but also hundreds of artisan families connected to it, and, of course, the glorious Indian crafts. Quite a deal, right? Here’s are ten Indian brands that you should support post lockdown:



One of India’s largest platform with products made from hand-based processes and traditional techniques, Fabindia has been connecting over 55,000 craft-based rural producers to the modern urban markets. The brand has been playing a pivotal role in the country’s traditional handicrafts and has been constantly creating a base for skilled, sustainable rural employment. The brand has been effectively supporting artisan families and various crafts across the country and thus supporting it is akin to supporting these handicrafts. 

Nool By Hand


Solely conceived with the aim to sustain the handloom sector, this Tamil Nadu based brand uses only handwoven fabrics for its designs. Even for the embellishments, they rely completely on traditional textile techniques. While creating clothes that can be best described as modern-Indian outfits, the brand has been supporting rural artisans and handloom communities by equipping them with the required tools to perfect the craft as well as make a decent living for themselves.

Peeli Dori


Dedicated to encouraging a lifestyle that is raw, sustainable, and organic, Peeli Dori is a brand that is constantly exploring the Indian traditions and skills while staying cotemporary. Think of their handcrafted products as the thread that connects Indian raw living and an urban lifestyle. With a strong inclination towards Indian crafts, the brand not only supports Indian artisans (a majority of them women) but also trains them so that they can chisel their art. 

Ka-Sha’s Heart To Haat


With the supremely indigenous ideology of “Jugaad” at its heart, Heart to Haat is a unique brand that uses 100% upcycled fabric to create design-led, utility-based products for daily use. The brand is known for recycling and upcycling fabrics to convert into products that have a beautiful story to tell. The brand always ensures to give their makers and artisans the credit due to them along with the right conditions to work in. 

Runway Bicycle


Dedicated to linking the skills of traditional weavers and dyers across the country, Runway Bicycle is known for its penchant for timeless creation that follows no season and trends and thus can last for years to come. Focussed on creating durable fabrics that involve local craftspeople as the creators, the brand as its basic ideology wants you to buy less, wear longer, and throw less. 

Forty Red Bangles


Who said you cannot go sustainable with the fashion choices that you make for home wear? And just in case you had any confusion here, Forty Red Bangles is sure to change your habits for good. The brand uses organically sourced material and is known for outsourcing elements of production and design to artisan groups to support them and produce one-of-a-kind designs. They have the cutest, most comfortable pyjama sets, travel pants, and kaftans in their collections, all of them are pocket-friendly and sustainable. 

B Label


Seeking a sustainable swap for your everyday budget clothing? B Label has to be your brand. With a collection of sustainable clothing starting at as low as Rs 1000, this is a brand that is sure to hit the mark for the conscious fashionista. Regarded as the future of the sustainable fashion industry, hemp fabric forms are the core of the design aesthetics at B Label as they try to give the fabric a more established place in the industry. 

The Pot Plant


With natural fabrics and processes and congenial clothing at the centre of its brand ideology, The Pot Plant is known for its asymmetrical silhouettes and anti-fit designs. The brand’s aesthetic ideology hinges on the ideas of conscious dressing and mindful living and if some eccentric albeit comfortable clothing pieces that have been made using environment-friendly processes then this is just the brand for you. 



With rural artisans from Gujarat as its trust face, Okhai happens to be a brand dedicated to the welfare and development of these craftspeople. Created in collaboration with the Tata Chemicals Society for Rural Development, Okhai is empowering tribal women from rural Gujarat by putting their skills to good use and generate livelihood from the same. 



A one-of-its-kind farm to fashion initiative, Ethicus was launched more than a decade ago in 2009 with the vision of reviving the rich weaving traditions of Tamil Nadu with the help of product development and design invention. With the ideology of inclusive growth, Ethicus employs a number of women artisans and cotton farmers who play a major role in the design process for the brand as well. Buy one of their gorgeous sarees for the love of handloom

Lastly, remember that in light of the current crisis, going sustainable with our consumer practices is not just a choice but a necessity. The need of the hour is to go for it and you’d be surprised by the kind of beauty you discover while you are at it.


Featured Image: Instagram

22 Apr 2020

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