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10 Easy & Quick DIY Fashion Videos You Can Watch During Your WFH Bathroom Breaks

10 Easy & Quick DIY Fashion Videos You Can Watch During Your WFH Bathroom Breaks

It’s week 2 of quarantine and some of us seem to be having a really tough time at home despite all the work from home pleasure. It is the same old routine and to make things worse you are working while staying with your siblings who demand your attention every now and then. Also, irrespective of whatever they say about Netflix being an inexhaustible source of endless streaming, most of us are clearly done replaying the only five shows (and movies) that we care about and are gradually receding into a bottomless pit of boredom. 

And the worst of it all? You don’t even get to dress up every morning because you don’t have anywhere to go. Well, it’s not like I have anywhere to go either. Interestingly, this makes a perfect premise to an explanation for why I spent over four hours of my browsing time (which basically comprises of my entire day now) neck-deep into DIY tutorials yesterday. But wait before you judge me! I didn’t waste that time for nothing and, in fact, chanced upon some solid gold. 


Don’t trust me? Then try answering this for me: did you know that you could actually make a no sewing, sequinned gown (a perfectly glamourous one!) in less than 15 minutes? Well, I am not saying this, YouTube says it and also proves it for that matter. Coming back to the point: all of us are at home these days, mostly bored, and constantly looking for “something fun” to do. Now, there’s no harm if that ‘something fun’ actually helps you in creating something really chic. Makes sense, right? Scroll through for ten DIY YouTube tutorials that I am taking the liberty to call life-changing: 

Here’s Some Fancy Lingerie, The DIY Way

Tired of your old, weary discoloured bra that is just too blah to wear now? Try your hands at jazzing it up a little and revamping it with this fun DIY:


This Genius DIY That Was Born Out Of Pure Necessity

Ever ditched a fancy party ‘coz you didn’t have anything ‘nice’ to wear and also, ‘coz all things ‘nice’ come with an outrageous price tag? Well, this DIY tutorial will not only leave you absolutely lovestruck but is also sure will keep you covered for a long time to come: 

Here’s Yet Another Reason To Raid Your Mom’s Wardrobe

Truth is that most of us must have tried draping mom’s saree as a dress at some point in life but it remains sort of difficult to navigate the dynamics and the right way to manage six yards. Well, this is exactly the tutorial that we have all been looking for:


And Then Your Dad’s Wardrobe

In the magical DIY land, there are no biases against your dad’s wardrobe, which remains as accessible as your mom’s and here’s a tutorial to prove just that: 

And While We Are At It, Here’s Are Some Tricks To Spruce Up Our Own Wardrobes

Are you even a compulsive shopper if your wardrobe isn’t full of old, boring t-shirts that you purchased to layer up some random outfit and don’t wear anymore. Well, here’s a DIY tutorial that’ll take care of them all:


Here’s Our In House Hack To Make A DIY Ruffle Top

We at POPxo, never say no to a little ruffle (or a lot of it). You shouldn’t either and here’s how you can ruffle up almost anything: 

Clueless About What To Do That With Fancy Silk Scarf? Follow This Tutorial

Well, most of us have a hanger full of scarves and hardly any ways of wearing it accept draping it around the neck. This is the tutorial that is sure to change how you see scarves from now on:


Ever Heard Of Home Made Christian Louboutins?

Now, clothes and all is alright but making your own DIY heels does sound like a herculean task. Well, it did to me at least until I watched this tutorial:

Also, Some Jimmy Choos?

And then as luck had it, I ended up chancing upon a DIY tutorial for really fancy feels that look like so much less effort and lots of fun:


Some Cutesy Accessories For Your Hair

From lingerie to heels, now that we have everything covered, how about we wrap it up with something utterly cute for your hair. Watch this tutorial: 

Didn’t we just blow your mind there?

Featured Image: Unsplash

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24 Mar 2020
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