10 Comfy (& Stylish) Heels I Don’t Know How You Lived Without For So Long!

Marjungla JamirMarjungla Jamir  |  Mar 11, 2020
10 Comfy (& Stylish) Heels I Don’t Know How You Lived Without For So Long!


It goes without saying that heels add unmatched class to any outfit you have on. Over the years, they have become the ultimate fashion accessory. But truth be told, they can be such a pain in the behind (and our poor feet) when worn for hours. After all, beauty is pain, or so they say, right? Wrong! What if I told you that it’s possible to have on a trendy pair of heels for a whole day and still feel no discomfort? Comfy heels are no myth guys, they exist. We have seen them, worn them, and now told about them to you! Well, almost.

10 Most Comfy Heels For 2020

If you want to go to good places, you need good shoes. So, have a good look at the ones listed below. They are not only comfy enough to last you all day and all night but also loaded with trendy elements of 2020. Put your best foot forward in style with:

Block ‘n’ Pop

Had to kick-off the list with one of my personal favourites, block slip-ons. These babies have become a closet must-have for how comfortable and versatile they are (without being black). The trick to rocking such bright heels is as simple as ABC–when you are dealing with a dull outfit, or basics, put on a pair in a rather popping colour like yellow, bright pink, orange…you get the idea. And there you have it, an effortless statement look.

Slingback And Relax

Words fall short to explain how freaking comfortable these slingbacks are. They are just the right height and the sling gives that extra support. Not to mention how incredibly cute they look with trendy vinyl touches. Make these a staple in your work wardrobe and you won’t be disappointed.

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(Back) To Square One

Did someone say square-toes? Well, everyone did! We have seen a lot of square-toe flats and heels lately be it on runways or the streets and it’s obvious why everyone is raging after them–they are the new ‘it’ thing. Pretty and comfort-packed, lucky for our pinky that gets squished in pointed-toe shoes. Give stilettoes a rest and dance the night away in these. You’re welcome.

Platform No. 1

Don’t judge them before you walk a mile in them. Platforms may look a tad uncomfy because they generally come in a higher heel but they are so not! The straps help keep your feet in place and the elevation in the toe area, small but significant, balances things out making it super easy to stand tall for hours on end. Go for a versatile colour like black, beige or nude to take them literally everywhere!

Loafing Out Loud

Loafers, with or without heels, are a go-to for every working girl for pure comfort. They look formal and can be styled casually too at the same time. Adding some heel to them is another reason to love them even more. A crisp white shirt paired with well-fitting trousers is the way to go and if you are feeling particularly dressy, then pair it with a pantsuit you are all set to turn heads at the office.

Hello, Kitty!

Kitten heels are back and becoming a rave again, especially among those who are not a fan of high heels but want some height. They are just what you need to wear without having to stop to check for blisters. While you are at it, go for one with a slingback or buckle fastening for extra comfort. Also, do I have to mention how incredibly classy they look? Go from meetings to martinis in style, ladies.

Neon Kinks

Love it or hate it, but you can’t deny the fact that eye-popping neons have yet again found their way back into our wardrobes. From neon shoes to going all out from head-to-toe, the trend is seen to be growing on celebrities and us alike. It adds the right dose of funk to your outfits and, to be honest, I don’t see how anyone could ever go wrong styling these babies up. Just slip it on and walk that walk. If going for a slimmer heel, pick a short height and if want tallness, go for platform or block heel type for maximum comfort.

Turn Wedge-e-tarian!

When picking wedges in 2020, go for ones in the Espadrille-sole style–with esparto rope. They are flexible and light in weight making going higher in heel height as easy call. Not to mention, they are hot in trend. When I think of straw wedges, I think of white sand, palm trees, sundresses, hats and a lot of fun in the sun. They surpass the comfort level and that’s saying something.

Muling To The Max


Ain’t nothing better than a shoe that’s comfortable without compromising on style and this little beaut here is one we definitely want in our long day essentials. Mules ensure you look classy effortlessly and come in so many different colours now to spoil you for choice. I don’t know about you but I’m sold!

Pump It Up


The good ol’ pumps, but comfy. These never go out of style for a reason. I mean, simple black pumps can be so elegant and timeless. There’s more, you can take it out for a night of dancing without having to switch them later for a pair of sneakers by the end of it. So, pump it up, won’t you?

Strap It Up

Heels for Girls - Strap It Up

Pixabay: Heels for Girls

Don’t scrap the strap! When you talk about heels for girls, you must include ankle strap heels. They lock you from the ankles and keep your feet firm with comfort. You can opt for small length ankle strap heels or go for a little bigger if that is what you are looking for. This type of heel works perfect as heels for weddings. No matter how much you have to move or run, your heels will become your best friend.

Here Cone Heels!

Heels for Women - Here Cone Heels!

The name itself suggests, cone heels are wider at top and narrower at the bottom that just looks like ice cream cones. These heels are comfortable heels for standing all day. They look sharp and narrower at base but give you proper balance while you walk or move around.

Peep a Toe

High Heels - Peep a Toe

Yes, we are talking about peep toe heels. Peep toe heels come in different shapes and sizes that allow toes to peep through shoes. These are perfect for people who have a difficult time keeping their toes on toe. So it goes without saying best for you if you need that extra space in the front.

Hit the Spool

High Heels for Girls - Hit the Spool

If you think about a spool of threads, you may comprehend the idea of spool heels. The heel is thicker at the bottom of the foot, slender in the center, and afterward returns out at the base. This type of heels for women are perfect when they want to rock their midi dress or shift dress for a day outing.

Set the Corset

Heels - Set the Corset

Corset heels are similar to mule heel style or a bootie style. As the name suggests, corset heels give you the similar look of wearing a corset at your feet. The difference with a corset heel is that the two sides are tied together as a traditional corset would be. If you are a fashionista and would love to experiment with jeans and skirts, you need to add these high heels to your styling routine.

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