Khabar Pakki Hai! Tejasswi’s Fam Just Approved Her Relationship With Karan & We Wanna Say ‘Nazar Na Lage’

ShivaniShivani  |  Dec 8, 2021
Khabar Pakki Hai! Tejasswi’s Fam Just Approved Her Relationship With Karan & We Wanna Say ‘Nazar Na Lage’


Truth be told—we love #TejRan! In the last couple of weeks, Tejasswi Prakash and Karan Kundrra have given us plenty of moments to make us swoon over their relationship. Earlier this week the Teri Meri Love Stories star confessed that he has fallen in love with the actress. With so much happening inside the house, we all have been wondering, what’s happening outside?

A little birdie just told us that Teju’s gharwale are actually quite happy with her bond with KK. In a recent interview, Tejasswi’s brother Pratik Wayanganka spilled the beans on their fam’s reaction to #TejRan. He said, “People are just waiting for one answer, which is—is the family okay with Karan, and how is the family thinking of them together. So I definitely like Karan. He has been very good support for Tejasswi. I consider him the only support right now that she has (inside the house). Without him, I don’t think she can trust anyone else.”

Pratik added, “Karan is the only person who is completely standing with her, and that’s why me and my family both are appreciating that.”

NGL, we are so happy to hear this! Now that the Prakash family is on board, we are just gonna manifest a #TejRan wedding!

To those unversed, earlier this week Karan confessed his love for Tejasswi. He told her that he is falling in love with her ‘every day’. Now that’s how you win a woman’s heart!

Karan and Tejasswi have gotten quite close to each other in the last few weeks. Last month, the actress admitted that she has feelings for him.

Teju told Karan that she feels complete with him. The actress said, “I like it that we are on the same tangent and for me that is hot. Bahut strength dikhti hai us mein, full feel hota hai tere saath (There is immense strength in our equation, I feel complete with you). For that, yes, that could be one reason I also did start noticing you.”

Now that Tejasswi’s fam is also happy with #TejRan, should we expect an exciting shaadi ka proposal soon?