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Kuch Bhi! Here’s Why Tejasswi Prakash Has Lost The Plot In BB 15 House

If you have been noticing Tejasswi Prakash amid all the recent chaos in Bigg Boss 15, you’d be able to tell that she is losing the plot. For a couple of weeks now, she is trying to start fights over faulty logic and acting like everybody is gossiping about her when she’s not around. Whatever Salman Khan has been doing in the Weekend Ka Vaar episode is not helping her case either and further fuelling her delusions.

Just last night, we saw Tejasswi arguing with Karan Kundrra and making some really myopic points. She was basically lecturing him on how he should have answered Salman Khan while the host questioned Karan’s bonds in the house. This came across as quite a surprise given that Tejasswi very well knows that Salman does not let the contestants talk. When Karan pointed out the same to her, instead of agreeing, she went on and on about what he should have said like a broken record. While Karan looked absolutely drained by the conversation, it was equally frustrating for the audience to watch. 


Longs things short, Tejasswi looks lost and conceited as of now and this might effectively hamper her chances of winning the BB trophy. Here’s why we think so:

The Entire Kaynat Isn’t Conspiring Against You, Teja!

Of late, Tejasswi has been hella suspicious of every conversation that happens behind her back. The worst part is that she is even questioning Karan Kundrra, her boyfriend about any and every conversation that he has with others. “Kya bol rahi thi wo,” is now her favourite dialogue.

To make things worse, Tejasswi is often seen taunting Karan when she can’t overhear the conversations which means that she is just assuming things. At this rate, it won’t be long before everyone stops talking to her. Oh, and she wouldn’t have anyone to blame for it but herself.

What ‘Gandi Gandi Baatein’ Are You Talking About?

Since Umar Riaz’s eviction, Tejasswi has been going on and on about how he and Rashami used to talk foul behind her back. The fact is that they were playing the game just like everyone else and Tejasswi has been doing the exact same thing. So what is this ‘gandi baatien’ rant that she has been clinging on to? 

The Entire BB 15 House Hasn’t Fallen For Karan Kundrra. Relax. 

Last night, we heard Tejasswi talking about how Rashami had always wanted Karan on her side and became friends with Umar for only that reason. Now, this is as ludicrous as it gets ‘coz the entire world knows that Rashami has known Umar for a couple of years now. But this is surely not the first time that she has tried to spin such a theory. We have often seen Tejasswi talking about how Shamita Shetty blushes around Karan and well, it is getting quite tedious now. 


Everyone (Well, Almost) In The House ‘Has A Heart’

Okay, this is something that we have noticed since the first episode of Bigg Boss 15. Tejasswi has this tendency of invoking everyone’s humanity just to prove hers during important conversations and tasks. “Have a heart,” “show some humanity,” are some of the dialogues that come out liberally from her mouth. But that’s not it. Simultaneously, she also likes to project a high and mighty front and says things like “I did it for the entire house.” Can someone please tell Tejasswi that everyone inside the house has a heart? Just because they choose to play the game that they literally signed up for doesn’t make them less human than her!

Here’s hoping that Tejasswi realises the error of her ways and gets back on track before it is too late.

Featured Image: Twitter

11 Jan 2022

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