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We Tried 8 Absurd Sounding Fashion Hacks – Here’s Our Verdict!

We Tried 8 Absurd Sounding Fashion Hacks – Here’s Our Verdict!

Time and again we come across hacks that make us go like “What?? Does that even work?”. So we decided to take it upon ourselves to try out these bizarre fashion hacks just to see if they actually work or not. Eight of us at POPxo tried some of the most popular fashion hacks of this season, and here’s our verdict:


1. Shivani tried to remove a lipstick stain with bread

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“Lipstick stains are the WORST! I am a clumsy person and it often happens that whenever I wear white or pastel shades, I tend to stain my clothes. I apply lipstick almost on a daily basis and at the end of the day, while taking off my clothes, I usually end up with lipstick marks on my clothes. It’s a big problem TBH. So I decided to try this fashion hack… I took one of my old shirts and put a mark of my lipstick on it. Then, I took a piece of bread and rubbed it gently in one direction. The mark got a little lighter but didn’t disappear completely. So yeah, I was disappointed and I’m still looking for something that takes those lipsticks stains off…” – Shivani Srivastava, Trending Writer

Before & After

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2. Somya tried to unshrink her t-shirt with baby shampoo

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“The hack promised to bring back my t-shirt’s shape by unshrinking it if I washed it with baby shampoo. I measured the length of the garment both before and after, but unfortunately it didn’t work, at all! Although, the colour of the top felt a little more deeper but it definitely didn’t unshrink itself!” – Somya Suresh, Senior Writer and Copy Editor

Before & After

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3. Sharon tried to free a stuck zipper with a crayon

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“I rarely wear my leather jacket, but when I do, the zips always get stuck and sometimes even break. Every time that happens, I remember this fashion hack that my aunt shared with me years ago. She told me to use a wax crayon and rub it on the zip area. After a couple of seconds, try pulling up the zip again, you’ll notice that it becomes as smooth as butter! It always works as a charm for me!” – Sharon Alphonso, Lifestyle and Beauty Writer

Before & After

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4. Srishti tried to hide visible sweat stains with a panty liner

4 Fashion Hacks

“As soon as I came across this hack on the internet I knew I had to try it! C’mon, let’s admit it, we all sweat! It’s only human to have sweat glands, right? All I had to do was place a panty liner under the armpit part of my t shirt. I didn’t use a panty liner for both my armpits as I wanted to see how it looks with and without it. I wore this t shirt for one whole day! Yes, I did sweat, but it wasn’t visible on the armpit I used a panty liner for. I was so happy to see that this hack WORKED!  This hack is absolutely doable and you can barely feel the panty liner. I would definitely recommend it.” – Srishti Sabharwal, Fashion Writer

Before & After

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5. Isheeta tired to clean her shoes with stale bread

5 Fashion Hacks

“I was a little sceptic about this one but also very curious. I had to keep a piece of bread out for two nights for it to be hard enough to be used properly. Once that was done, I sat down with my suede shoes, which were (as you can see) quite desperately in need of some cleaning, and rubbed them all over with the bread using more pressure at places with darker spots. And it WORKED! In less than fifteen minutes I had relatively cleaner shoes and if it hadn’t been for the fact that I hadn’t cleaned them since I bought these shoes, I feel they could have been much more cleaner. I definitely recommend this hack. Suede is a material which gets dirty very easily and can be ruined in the cleaning process. Here you can control how you clean it and stop if you feel it will ruin the material!” – Isheeta Sharma, Lifestyle Writer

Before & After

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6. Sanya tried to stretch her heels using a blow dryer

6 Fashion Hacks

“I ordered these wedges online and they turned out to be a bit tight, so I decided to try this hack to stretch them out. I gathered the materials: a pair of socks, a blow dryer, and of course, the wedges, and proceeded to blow hot air on them. It didn’t really work and I’m disappointed as I spent a good 10 minutes blow drying my feet!” – Sanya Jain, Beauty Writer & Copy Editor

Before & After

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7. Priyanka tried to wear a bracelet herself using a paper clip

7 Fashion Hacks

“What’s a girl supposed to do when she’s trying to wear a bracelet and there’s no one around to clasp it on for her? Well, just get hold of a paper clip! This super simple hack requires you to open out a paper clip and put one end through one of the loops of your bracelet. Then wrap the bracelet around your wrist, hold on to the paper clip with your finger and clasp it with your other hand. I thought it would be really simple but it took a few tries for me to finally be able to get the clasp in place. One tip would be to use an oversized paper clip instead of the small ones that I used, that would make the hack much easier.” – Priyanka Ghura, Beauty Editor

Before & After

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8. Apoorva tried taping her 3rd and 4th toes together while wearing heels

8 Fashion Hacks

“Being the totally clumsy person that I am, I dreaded wearing heels as I found it very difficult to walk in them. And even if I somehow managed to walk, it never lasted more than an hour as I found the entire procedure really torturing and painful. So, I decided to give this hack a try. I used a surgical sticker to tape my third and fourth toes together (counting from the big toe) and tried walking wearing the heels. And to my greatest surprise, It did work. I found it a lot easier to walk in heels with the taped toes. And also, I saw a great rise in my heel-wearing time threshold. I would strongly recommend this hack to all the girls who struggle with heels.” –Apoorva Gupta, Editorial Coordinator

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24 Aug 2016

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