Skincare Awareness Month: Team POPxo Talks About Their Latest Beauty Obsessions

Eden NoronhaEden Noronha  |  Sep 30, 2021
Skincare Awareness Month: Team POPxo Talks About Their Latest Beauty Obsessions


September has been a month dedicated to skincare and the POPxo team was, as usual, obsessed with all things beauty. Skincare is no longer an option for us but rather a constant part of our lives. With so many products and trends doing the rounds, it is obvious that each of us has updated our skincare routines to incorporate new and buzzy fads.

So, to celebrate Skincare Awareness Month, the beauty team at POPxo spoke about their most loved skincare obsessions this month. To know what these are, read on!

Team POPxo’s Latest Beauty Obsessions

Anandita Malhotra, Junior Beauty Editor

A Relaxing Gua Sha Massage

I’ve always had oily skin and for that reason, I’ve stayed away from face oils all my life only to realise they aren’t as bad as they seem. Every night before bed, I now put on a YouTube video and follow an expert doing a Gua Sha massage. This helps in deeper penetration of my skincare products, in toning and chiselling out my face and even in relaxation. Facial tools and massages are game-changers whether you’re into beauty or not.

Riddhi Varma, Social Media Executive

Exfoliating Action

I absolutely love Wishful Yo Glow scrub. I can see instant results. It removes tan, dead skin cells, and it also leaves my skin feeling smooth to the touch. The best part about it is it’s not harsh on my skin and that’s why I love it.

Rimsha Sheikh, Senior Beauty Writer

A CTM Routine

I have been gifting my skin the treat of a basic CTM routine. In the midst of trying the latest beauty products and trends, I felt like my skin could do a bit better with a little downtime. This is my version of skin fasting, and I believe it agrees with me. As adventurous as a 3 step skincare routine sounded before trying it out, it’s actually a lot more therapeutic. 10/10 recommend.

Ayushi Verma, Beauty Writer

Jade Rollers

Lately, I’ve been obsessed with using an electric jade roller. I love putting it in the freezer before using to keep it nice and cool, since coolness also helps reduce puffiness. It made a noticeable difference my skin. Not to mention, it feels super relaxing and can be used in multiple ways. I personally love using it over sheet masks or post applying my face serums.

Eden Noronha, Senior Beauty Writer

Night Treatment Gels & Sleeping Masks

My skin has been drinking up aloe vera gel-based products like a refreshing glass of lemonade on a hot day. And not just aloe vera gel but even overnight gel sleeping masks. The rich textures have been giving my skin loads of hydration and soothing any irritation that’s been popping up unannounced. My night care routine is what I’ve been focusing on most as it is so therapeutic to just slather on a hydrating mask and hit the bed without having to wash off the product until sunrise.

What has been your skincare obsession this month?

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