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10 Fab Beauty Secrets From Our Moms – Team POPxo Reveals All!

10 Fab Beauty Secrets From Our Moms – Team POPxo Reveals All!

We owe most of our success to just one person in the globe – our mothers. We love them to bits and it’s amazing how they know what’s best for us. When it also comes to offering good old beauty tips and advice, they’re pros at it! And Team POPxo is certainly no exception here. They got some fab beauty tips from their mothers and would love to share them with you all. After all, we got it from our mamas!


1. Priyanka Ghura – Beauty Editor

priyanka ghura mom - beauty tips from their mothers

My mother has flawless, glowing skin, which sadly I haven’t inherited. Naturally, though, I follow her advice in my bid to get a complexion as dreamy as hers. She highly recommends using a face pack of honey mixed with yogurt and a few drops of lime for soft, moisturized skin with that velvety texture. Also, she’s gotten me in the habit of downing countless glasses of water, fresh juices and coconut water daily, which definitely helps.

2. Krita Raut – Editorial Manager

krita - beauty tips from their mothers

When I was a child I would often see my mum apply papaya pulp on her face; she said that it removes tan and also helps prevent wrinkles. And I have been applying papaya pulp since my teenage years. It is one of the very few beauty home remedies I try.  Another one, which is also something I learned from my mum, is rubbing a slice of cucumber on my face during summer. It has a rather soothing effect on you skin.

3. Divya Sharma – Trending Editor

divya - beauty tips from their mothers

When my hair started greying, my mom was the one who gave me the best tip. I didn’t want to go the colouring route, so she made me sit and put mehendi mixed with egg on my hair. I kept it on for 2 hours and then washed it off. My hair felt amazing even though it smelt a bit gross for a day. Four or five, repeats over 2 months and the greys were gone! Bonus: my hair has never felt better. 🙂

4. Anusha Raheja – Senior Social Media Manager

anusha- beauty tips from their mothers

My mother is really not the kind with tons of home remedies. But she did introduce me to this one, which works wonders for glowing skin. So I apply this mixture of multani mitti (Fuller’s Earth) and chandan (sandalwood) with a spoonful of milk all over my face and neck. I use it twice a week. This also helps a lot with acne, especially in the summers, and gives me a brighter complexion.

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5. Sharon Alphonso – Lifestyle & Beauty Writer

sharon- beauty tips from their mothers

Ever since I was a kid, my mom would tell me to apply a mix of chane ka atta (chickpea flour), honey and milk on my face twice a month. She told me that it would not only improve my skin’s complexion, but it would also cleanse and tighten my skin. Today, I love the skin that I’m in, and the only person I need to thank is my mom. She’s the best!

6. Manasvi Jaitly – Senior Wedding Writer

manavasi - beauty tips from their mothers

The one beauty tip that my mom gave me was to use besan on my skin.  Besan mixed with curd  does wonders for my skin. Due to a really busy work schedule, I am unable to do this twice a week, but I try putting this paste on every time I have to attend a party or a wedding and it instantly adds a glow to my face. It takes off all the dullness and leaves my skin feeling fresh and soft.

7. Apurva Lama – Fashion Writer

apurva - beauty tips from their mothers

Whenever I’ve had a stressful week and my skin looks tired, my mom makes a papaya and honey face mask and asks me to apply it generously all over my face. I let the mask sit for sometime and rinse it off. Works like magic every single time! It leaves my skin feeling fresh, supple and brings back my natural glow.

8. Gopika E.M – Social Media Manager

gopika - beauty tips from their mothers

My mom suggested the easiest way to remove blackheads recently (which I highly recommend). I squeeze a lemon and add 1 spoon of crystallised sugar to it. I top it up with honey and apply it around my nose area. Then I take an old toothbrush (because the bristles are softer than the usual ones; this can also be substituted with a softer brush) and massage it around the area in a circular motion. I do this for about 2 minutes every weekend and it ​*really*​ helps! Bye bye, blackheads! Hello, clear skin.

9. Dakshee Haryani – Social Media Coordinator

beauty tips from their mothers

As someone who doesn’t like going to the parlour for facials – getting ready for parties or big functions when I’m having a dull skin day is super hard! That’s when my mom advised me to use ice cubes on my face. Ice “wakes up” your skin and makes it tighter. All I do is rub a cube of ice all over my face, and once my face is completely dry, I apply a moisturiser. This technique has been my saviour each time! P.S.: If you have sensitive skin, just cover the cube with a thin cloth before rubbing it on your face. You’ll have brighter, fresher skin instantly.

10. Tanaya Seth – Editorial Coordinator

tanaya - beauty tips from their mothers

My mother has been blessed with beautiful and flawless skin and I always wondered what her secret to glowing skin was. She gave me only one piece of advice for my skin, which was to stay natural and stay as far away from any type of chemicals on my face. I hope that by following her advice, I am able to have skin as beautiful as hers when I reach her age.

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05 May 2016

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