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Bored Of Pyjamas? Tara Sutaria’s Midriff-Baring OOTD Is One Hell Of A Look To Try At Home

Bored Of Pyjamas? Tara Sutaria’s Midriff-Baring OOTD Is One Hell Of A Look To Try At Home

Considering that we have been indoors for 5638550 days now, it won’t surprise us to find you are bored with your pyjamas and sweatshirts. And now that has been established, it might be time to experiment with something that isn’t well, too experimental. Since we are now accustomed to the pyjama life, the first few trials could be something along with the comfort-oriented territory, but refreshing at the same time. Fortunately, we have Tara Sutaria’s latest outfit to fall back on for all the cues you would need!

Cool Co-ords Like Tara Sutaria

Ready to jump right in? Scroll on for we got the lowdown for you just ahead. 

Head-To-Toe White

Cool Co-ords- White on white by Tara Sutaria


For her recent appearance when stepping out for work, the Bollywood actress was spotted sporting a monochrome look which has of late been seen in abundance in terms of celebrities’ street style. But what made Tara Sutaria’s achromatic version stand out was the no-fuss yet chic style it came with. A roomy top tucked above the waist gave way to a midriff-baring separate, one that the 25-year-old teamed with a pair of matching joggers. The all-over white look was rounded up by white footwear incorporating accents of black, a choice that went along well with her chosen outfit. 

Of course, we picked out a similar iteration for you to try in terms of your WFH attire. The upside being that they are the budget buys you won’t have to break the bank for. Continue to scroll to take a look. 

Acing The White Look

Wearing head-to-toe white can seem like a tricky task, but being indoors also gives you more opportunity to experiment with the colour. Below, some hacks you could try out. 

—Add a printed outerwear, think bomber jackets, blazers and structured coats to balance out the pristine white. 
—You could also experiment with silhouettes that impart a distinctive appeal to your outfit.
—Accessorise! And don’t forget to add a feel-good beauty look. 
—For those on the lookout for seasonless essentials that can be styled on repeat for years, a chic white handbag, scarf or boots go a long way. 

Thinking of getting something that fits the bill? We got you covered, ladies. Here’s looking. 

Give your WFH wardrobe that fresh spin now. 

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06 Jan 2021

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