Jiggle, Bulge, Spill: 3 Tests To Find The Right Bra!

Divya SharmaDivya Sharma  |  May 6, 2016


If it has been a while since the last time you got sized properly, or find yourself fidgeting in a few of your bras, then it’s time to find out if you are wearing the right bra. Well, we can’t direct you to your right size but you can definitely take these tests to find out if you’re not wearing the right one! You need to wear a fitted t-shirt with a v-neck for this!

The Jiggle Test

wearing the right bra test

Focus on your bust while you do the following and keep an eye out for any jiggle.

Test 1: Stand in front of a mirror and walk towards it, just the way you normally do but with an added bounce to your step.

Test 2: Stay in front of the mirror and jog in the same spot.

If you feel like your breasts are bouncing noticeably, and seem to be at the risk of popping out of the cups at any point, then you’re definitely wearing the wrong bra. If you are confident about your size, there can be 2 ways out of this.

Solution 1: If everything else regarding your cup size and the straps feels comfortable then you just might want to try the same size in a different brand which offers more support.

Solution 2: If you’re aren’t wearing a wired bra, you might want to shift to them as they help shape and support the breasts better.

(And though we haven’t tried it out, the reviews for this Jiggle Test app seem interesting!)

The Bulge Test

wearing the right bra test - bulge

There are 2 things to check out with the bulge test!

Side Bulge Test: Turn sideways in front of the mirror and check for any bulges under your arm. If you do find your skin bunching in this area, or maybe a little bit of your boob trying to escape, then your band is too thin for you.

Solution: Try wearing a bra that has a wider band. This will help you avoid the awkward bulges under your arms and you’ll be free to wear as many sleeveless tops as you like!

Front Bulge Test:  Are you spilling out from the top of your bra? We don’t mean if a part of your breasts is not covered, since only full cups would do that. But if the uncovered part is not flush with the part that is covered, you have a problem.

Solution 1: You might be wearing a bra that is the wrong cup size. You should try a cup one size larger or even 2, depending upon the amount of spillage. Similarly if your cup has empty spaces and your bra stands away from your breasts, it means your cup size is too big for you.

Solution 2: Try a full coverage bra for when you’re not wearing strappy tops. They come in pretty handy when dealing with any kind of bulging issue and give you more support as well.

The Spill Test

wearing the right bra test

You can take this test even without standing in front of the mirror. Just stand straight and bend your torso forward. This test should be done to check for these three problems!

Check The Band: If your band gets hitched up when you bend, either your shoulder straps are too tight or you’re wearing at least a size or two too big. Try a smaller size but a bigger cup to get a better fit.

Check Your Straps: If your straps fall away from your shoulders then either your they need to be tightened or if they are already at their tightest, then you’re wearing a cup size that’s big for you. Or your bra is worn out and you need a new one.

Just Look Down: If you feel like your breasts might spill out then your cup is too small. Try a bigger one.

Did you fail any of the tests? Did you happen to fail all of them? Well, no time like the present to go lingerie shopping!

wearing the right bra test


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