Beach, Bae & ‘Biggini Shoot’: Taapsee Pannu’s Dreamy Vacay Pics Are Making Us Jealous AF!

KanupriyaKanupriya  |  Oct 14, 2020
Beach, Bae & ‘Biggini Shoot’: Taapsee Pannu’s Dreamy Vacay Pics Are Making Us Jealous AF!


Taapsee Pannu was already breaking the internet with her stunning Maldives vacation pictures. Now, her fans have another reason to obsess over the Thappad star’s vacay pics. Her rumored boyfriend, Mathias Boe, recently posted an adorable picture with the actress from the trip and we can’t stop gushing about it!

Surprised, right? Well, everyone is because until quite recently, it was assumed that Taapsee was enjoying her getaway with just her sisters (and killing it with her ‘Biggini Shoot’). However, as it turns out, bae Mathias also accompanied  the Pannu sisters. In fact, the ‘Biggini Shoot’ video featured him as well!

Mathias uploaded the picture on his Instagram profile a few days ago. Both Taapsee and him can be seen wearing white and look super goofy together. Mathias can be seen striking a dramatic pose while Tapsee is just being her fun self! Interestingly, Mathias has not tagged his girlfriend and has not mentioned her in the caption. He simply thanked the resort they were staying at for their hospitality.

So, how do we know it’s her? Well, if you have been following Taapsee, you can see her on the same beach in the same white breezy dress and a cool hat. She’s posing next to the same tree trunk near the shore in the pictures on her Instagram handle!

This is not the first time Mathias has posted a picture with Taapsee. On her 33rd birthday, he uploaded a sweet picture with her, accompanied by the cutest birthday wish ever! He wrote, “Happy birthday you crazy little creature, we are getting old fast, especially you. Can’t believe how lucky I’m that I found someone who don’t find me too annoying and (sometimes) laugh at my lame jokes. I will try my hardest to keep you smiling.”

Taapsee has never officially confirmed her relationship with Mathias but accepted recently in an interview that she’s dating someone. She had added that her family is well aware of her relationship status and approves of her boyfriend. 

“I don’t want to hide anything from anyone. I’m very proud to accept the presence of someone in my life. But yes, at the same time, I wouldn’t only talk about it for the headlines because then it takes away from my credibility as an actor and what I have achieved in all these years by working hard. That I can’t afford to do,” Taapsee said. 

She had further added that it’s quite important what her family thinks of the man she’s dating. “There’s someone in my life and my family knows about it. It’s very important for me that my family – including my sister and my parents – they like the person who I’m with. Else it won’t work for me.”

Mathias Boe is a badminton player from Denmark and currently lives in India and UAE. We hope to see more pictures of this private couple in the future!

Featured Image: Instagram