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Your Guide To Tackling An An Awkward Tan, Nip Slip & Other Swimsuit Troubles!

Your Guide To Tackling An An Awkward Tan, Nip Slip & Other Swimsuit Troubles!

“With great power comes great responsibility”, if Spiderman’s uncle had said this about a swimsuit, women everywhere will nod in unison! While swimsuits are all kinds of sexy and fun, they also pose pretty big opportunities for suffering a malfunction equally well. Nothing puts a dent in a fabulous summer than a bikini accident, because let’s face it, they can be really embarrassing sometimes.

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There are a few universal swimsuit struggles that women go through, but that certainly shouldn’t stop us from sporting our cutest pairs at pool parties or over a holiday. We jotted down some potential faux pas and figured out a way to avoid them. Intrigued? Read on!

1. The Slip ‘n’ Slide

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One of the most embarrassing swimsuits faux pas are the bottoms that ride up or the tops that slide down. A tip most beauty pageant contestants will attest to is to use a butt spray or a “butt glue” to keep your swimsuit in place. You can also use a mix of baby powder and hairspray if the idea of a butt glue frightens you to no end!

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2. That Darn ‘Show It All’

It is very important to pay close attention to the fabric of the swimsuit when put shopping for one. Fabrics can swell up or down after going in the water and some can even turn translucent. Stick to lightweight nylon and spandex suits and experiment with any alternate fabrics in the privacy of your bathroom!

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3. A Two Piece Dilemma

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Although two-piece bikinis are the norm as far as summer beach wear goes, a lot of new styles have started to garner equal attention as well! If you are too shy to wear a two-piece you can go for a retro beachwear, a sexy monokini or a casual tankini, as long as the fit is right, you will look your sultry best!


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4. Shy Girls Can’t Shop

As is the case with lingerie, shopping for swimsuits in public can be daunting for women who are shy. Don’t let this hold you back from owning a baller number, take a trusted friend along with you to shop for one! You can even use the services of a personal shopper who will offer at home swimsuit trials, or source for a good one online, but do get fitted for one at the store and get your exact size sorted.


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5. Water Sports Malfunctions!

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None of the skimpy bikinis has stood the test of time when it comes to active water sports! Swimsuit style, fit and fabric vary tremendously depending upon whether you will longing by the pool of surfing out in the sea. Avoid any wardrobe malfunctions by picking active swimwear designed to absorb all the impact from water sports.

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6. A Mismatched Story

A lot of the times, swimsuits that are sold in a set do not sit well with women because women are built beautifully imperfect and the top and bottom sizes can most times vary. Although it is extra work, steer clear of any fitting issues by buying your two-piece sets separately.

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7. Totally Weird Tan Lines

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Anyone who has ever gotten back from a tropical knows this to be true, your tan is either super awesome or totally weird! Especially so if you have been tanning in uneven silhouettes, with sneaky cut-outs and fancy trims, that leave your body looking like a sketch work. Stick to simple designs, but be free to play with the prints and patterns on the suit!


POPxo Recommends: Neutrogena Beach Defense Sunscreen Spf 70 Protection (Rs 1,352)

8. Bumps That Ruin Your Pictures

Nothing is less sexy than an ill-fitted swimsuit with unwelcome bumps and bulges. While shopping for a suit look for a seamless fabric that doesn’t dig into your skin, gives proper support to the girls and has fuller coverage on the sides.


POPxo Recommends: Ribbed Halter Neck Swimsuits (Rs 2,490)

9. For A Petite Bust

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Women with small busts don’t usually go for swimwear on account of feeling awkward and uncomfortable in them. Well, don’t! There are so many options of padded and detailed tops available that add volume to your upper half, that you can boldly walk down the sunset strip without a second thought.

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10. Accommodating Your Period

One big concern that women often talk about is to find the perfect swimsuit to wear on your period. Opt for a fitted one piece or high-waisted boy short bottoms bikini to accommodate any period bloating you might have. Do remember to tuck in your tampon string properly before heading out!

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11. Any Plus Size Takers?

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Don’t settle for a boring off the counter plus size one piece suit! Many online stores and retail brands have started to stock up on trendy plus size numbers that are actually cute!


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04 Apr 2018
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