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What To Text Your Boyfriend When He’s Stressed And Ways To Cheer Him Up

What To Text Your Boyfriend When He’s Stressed And Ways To Cheer Him Up

Bae calling you or comes back from work looking all glump and tired. You know that there’s something up but can’t put a finger on it. Instead of asking him what the problem is and making things worse, you can diffuse the situation by cheering his mood up. Remember, you’re one of the few people in his life that he needs right now at his low point.

If you’ve just started to date each other, you might not know how to handle him in such a situation. So you must be wondering how to destress your boyfriend among all the chaos. So wondering what to text your boyfriend when he’s stressed? Trust me, as much as he needs his space, he also needs your love and support. Here are a few texts to send him when he’s stressed and you can’t be with him and some other cute ways to cheer your cupcake up when he’s around you. (I need to be thanked later for this #JustSaying)

What To Text Your Boyfriend When He’s Stressed
What To Say To Your Boyfriend When He’s Stressed

What To Text Your Boyfriend When He’s Stressed?

There are times when your boyfriend is really stressed, but you are not together, but only his voice can make you feel that there is something that is he not happy about, so it becomes your responsibility to make his mood better by sending the best texts to cheer him up.

Well, if you can’t think of some sweet texts to send him when he’s stressed, then don’t worry as we are here to help you. Here we have mentioned some adorable texts to cheer him up. These won’t only help him cheer up, but he’ll also know that you’ve been thinking about him and knows that his mood indirectly affects yours too. So ladies, go ahead and send him ANY of these texts without worrying how to cheer your boyfriend up!

1. ‘I’ve Got A Surprise Planned For You That’ll Cheer You Up. Can’t Wait For You To Get Home.’

what a surprise

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Knowing that his love is waiting to meet him, is sure to put a smile on his face. And the anticipation of the surprise will have him get quite excited.

2. ‘Let’S Order Some Pizza, Chilled Beers And Have A Game Of Thrones Marathon Tonight?’

Plan a night with his three favourite things + you!

3. ‘Baby, Since You’Ve Had A Bad Day, You Can Ask Me For Anything You Like. And I Mean Anything!’

Believe it or not, this works every single time.

4. ‘You Always Make Me Proud And I Will Always Support You, No Matter What.’

Because sometimes he finds comfort in the fact that his girl’s got his back.

5. ‘Let’s Go For A Rock-Climbing Session/ A Match Of Squash Post-Work Today?’

Physical activity is a great way to de-stress, so why not plan a fun workout evening?

6. ‘What Can I Do To Make You Happy, Baby? Hint: Roleplay.’

Plot twist: This is a fantastic way to change his mood from bad to oh-so-turned on.

7. ‘Smile Please, It Really Suits You!’


Being a little cheesy goes a long way in fixing a bad mood.

8. ‘Have I Ever Mentioned Before That I Am Head Over Heels Crazy About You?’

When he is having a bad day, let him know how amazing he is and how much he means to you.

9. ‘You Are Undoubtedly The Most Amazing Thing That Has Ever Happened To Me, And I’m So Lucky To Have You.’

Now, who wouldn’t cheer up after reading a loving message like that?!

10. ‘P.S. I love you.’

i love you

Trust us, these three simple words work like magic!

11. ‘They Say, Kissing Releases Endorphins, And That Makes A Person Happy. Let Me Make You Veryyyy Happy?’

‘Cause sometimes, men are all about the logic. *Wink*

12. ‘I Wish You Were In My Arms Right Now.’

I’m sure you’d feel like home if you were with me right now.

13. ‘You’re the missing piece to my puzzle.’

I’m uncertain about many things in life, but you’re not one of those things.

14. ‘Happiness Is Waiting For You To Come Home So That I Can Undress You And Show You What True Love Really Feels Like’

Let’s make memories tonight, babe!

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15. ‘There’s A Crate Of Beer In The Fridge And Some Pizza Left In The Microwave’


May our mutual love for pizza help us conquer all obstacles.

16. ‘Something You Ordered For Online Has Arrived. It’s Waiting For You On The Couch!’

Not just him, but this news can make ANYONE happy.

17. ‘I’M Thankful For You Every Day’

My walking, talking miracle you are!

18. Should I Make Your Favourite Dinner Tonight?

Trust me! Nothing else works as better as having good food.

19. You Know, You Are The Man Of My Dreams

He will love listening to this and this will give him a boost of confidence to stay strong even in difficult times

20. No Matter How Bad Or Good A Situation Is, I Will Be With You In All Your Thick And Thins

The feeling of belongingness is truly amazing

21. I Can’T Wait To See You, Tonight’S Gonna Be A Special Night!

Give him the dose of excitement

22. Watching You Doing Sweet Smile Is All That I Am Living For

Make him go BLUSH! BLUSH! BLUSH!

23. Cheer Up! Know That You Are Always There In My Thoughts And Prayers


Anything that is stressing him will be released by reading such a sweet text

24. Hardworking People Don’T Have The Best Of Everything. They Just Make The Best Of Everything.

Make him feel better about his hardworking behaviour because maybe it’s the work pressure that is stressing him.

25. Honestly! You’re The Only Inspiration That Makes Me Keep Going

He will love getting such a big compliment

So, these were these answers to your one common question which is “how to cheer your boyfriend up over text?”. Now that we know the texts to send him when he’s stressed and to cheer him up, let’s have a look at the things that you can say or do to your boyfriend when he is stressed and is around you.

What To Say To Your Boyfriend When He’s Stressed?

Know how to cheer your boyfriend up when he is around you by reading these top ten ways. Comfort your partner and let him know that you are there for him. No More Stress!

1. A Warm Hug


No extravagant gifts or gestures needed. A tight hug costs nothing but has the power to heal a broken spirit. If he breaks down in your arms, it’s alright. Men get emotional too. Allow him to feel his feelings and make peace with bitter memories. Your hug can help him feel safe and most importantly, loved.

2. Write A Cute Note

If you’re good at poetry, put it down on paper. Most men may not admit this, but they’re suckers for mushy stuff. He’ll appreciate your thought and effort and feel connected to you emotionally. If poetry isn’t your thing, you can sing him a song and record it on video. A simple compliment too from the heart will do the trick as well.

3. Give Him Some Sweet Lovin’

A hot makeout session is what will definitely cheer the guy up. Slip into some sexy lingerie, put on a seductive face and turn the room into a romantic sanctuary. Make it a night for him to remember. He’s bound to wake up with a smile the morning after *Wink*   

4. Go MasterChef On Him


They say that the way to a man’s heart is through his belly. Cook him his favourite meal or bake him a fresh batch of brownies. If cooking is not your scene, then you can always order in pizza and Netflix & Chill. Trust me, both options are too tempting to not give a shot.

5. Listen To Him

My mother always told me that when someone is upset, you must not add fuel to the fire. What that means is that if he’s in a horrible mood it’s best to let him vent. Your opinions or words can make things blow out of proportion. Give the guy some space and only talk to him the next day when things have cooled down and he is calm. That’s the time when his mind is fresh and his mood is jolly.

6. Shower Together

Still wondering how to destress your boyfriend? Well, a hot shower will never disappoint you. Never underestimate the power of a long, hot shower. It has healing effects on the body and both you and he could really need some relaxing time to blow off the steam. Perhaps, even engage in shower sex – that’s pretty hot (If you know what I mean) *Wink*

7. Fulfill His Wishlist

Has he always wanted that camera lens or is that book still lying in his cart? Buy it for him. Spoil your man. Even a bouquet of flowers will instantly make him feel like a ball of mush. Buying him a beer or taking him out to dinner will make him happy too.

8. Pamper The Life Out Of Him


Boys can be such big babies sometimes! When he’s mad, instead of arguing with him, why don’t you pamper him? Baby talks to him and shower him with hugs and kisses. In fact, hugging and kissing increase a person’s oxytocin levels. The higher the level jumps – the happier he’ll feel.

9. Smell Like A Dream

A simple act of making an effort to smell good can help de-stress your boyfriend. The scent of a woman has a calming effect on a man and he’ll want to stick to you like a bee that’s attracted to a honeycomb. Will you be his honey bunny, that’s the question?

10. Your Voice Is Everything

Just the sound of your voice makes him feel calmer and happier. If he’s told you via text that’s he’s feeling low, ask him to step out and talk to him for a while. Hearing your sweet voice is bound to make him want to face the rest of the day like a warrior.

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