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10 Healthy *Dessert-For-Brunch* Ideas That’ll Put Those Weekend Waffles To Shame!

10 Healthy *Dessert-For-Brunch* Ideas That’ll Put Those Weekend Waffles To Shame!

When it comes to diets, you can hate ‘em, you can curse ‘em but you have to bare with them. The only time you feel you can ease up on yourself is on the weekends. Yes, weekends are for ‘cheat meals’. Special mention to weekend brunches – croissants, crepes, waffles, pancakes et al. Dessert for brunch is great, but it doesn’t feel so good when you wake up bloated the next morning. Regretting all those Nutella waffles from last weekend?

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Worry not, foodie friends! We’ve all been there. Waffles are a universal weakness and for good reason. But if you’re watching that waistline and still hoping that summer body will conjure before you (before summer’s over), you’re in luck. We have ‘dessert for brunch’ alternatives which will put loaded waffles to shame. Is that the sound of your sweet tooth moaning with pleasure? Well, read on to know healthy sweet brunch ideas for this weekend!

1. Chocolate Overnight Oats

chocolate overnight oats 1 dessert for brunch healthy ideas

Digging into a jar full of chocolatey goodness on a Sunday really has no comparison. Except knowing that all of it was healthy AF! This recipe is very simple and the jar you make will be high on protein and fiber – much better than those neverending spoonfuls of Nutella.

Read the recipe here.

2. French Toast With Triple Berry Syrup

tripleberrysyrup 2 delish knowledge dessert for brunch healthy ideas

The standard American brunch item with a very healthy twist – multigrain French toast with a natural berry-licious syrup that is infinitely healthier than store-bought options. Easy as ever, and darn Instagrammable, isn’t it?

Read the recipe here.

3. Almond Flour Crepes

almond flour crepes 3 yeah...imma eat that -dessert for brunch healthy ideas

This decadent dessert-for-brunch option will transport you to a French crêperie on a sunny afternoon. These crepes are made with almond flour – a healthier, gluten-free and low carb alternative to cake flour. And, there is no sugar in this. Summer body, here I come!

Read the recipe here.

4. Baked Oatmeal With Fresh Fruits

strawberry and walnut baked oatmeal 4 delish knowledgedessert for brunch healthy ideas

Isn’t it great when you can enjoy a sweet brunch without having to worry about your swimsuit not fitting you? This baked oatmeal recipe is easy as pie (a much healthier pie). Crunchy, sweet and ready in 30 minutes.

Read the recipe here.

5. Yoghurt Blender Muffins

yogurt blender muffins 5 cooking light dessert for brunch healthy ideas

These flourless muffins are made with rolled oats, honey and natural toppings! Call your gang over for this sweet brunch option… the more, the merrier!

Read the recipe here.

6. Fried Honey Bananas With Multigrain Toast

Fried Bananas With Toast  6 sea salt with food dessert for brunch healthy ideas

These gooey, golden bananas will rock your world without rocking the weighing scale. All you need is bananas, honey and multigrain toast. You can whip this up in minutes – perfect for a lazy weekend morning, amirite?

Read the recipe here.

7. Overnight Breakfast Cookie

overnight breakfast cookie 7 chocolate covered girl dessert for brunch healthy ideas

Cookie for brunch, ‘coz why not? Especially when it’s rich in protein, is a healthier carb option and takes all of five minutes to make. Prepare this super-sized oat cookie the night before and dream all night of digging in the next morning!

Read the recipe here.

8. Peanut Butter & Jelly And Overnight Oats

pb and j overngiht oats 8 delish knowledge dessert for brunch healthy ideas

This healthy brunch idea will make you go ‘yummmm’. It’s a childhood classic – possibly the best flavour pairing in the world. Peanut butter and jelly! You can make these night-before oats and savour each bite with a glass of cold milk. All that without fretting over your weight!

Read the recipe here.

9. Banana Bread Protein Waffles

Banana-Bread-Protein-Waffles 9 yeah... imma eat that dessert for brunch healthy ideas

Who loves banana bread? I do! Health nut or not, you will love this protein-packed banana bread waffle recipe. You didn’t think I’d let you go without a waffle recipe, did you? P.S. You can use fruit yoghurt as topping too.

Read the recipe here.

10.  Vegan Chia Pancakes

banana chia pancakes 10 delish knowledge dessert for brunch healthy ideas

This pancake recipe is so unique, you won’t be able to resist it. What we love about it is the maple-peanut-butter syrup… and the fact that it uses chia seeds, soy milk and fruit.

Read the recipe here.

02 May 2018

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