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It’s High Time You Make These Easy Sustainable Beauty Switches For The Sake Of The Planet

At this point, it’s high time we stop thinking of ‘sustainability’ and ‘eco-friendly’ as just buzz words on social media and actually do something about saving the planet. From replacing single-use tools to body wash bottles, there are simple sustainable switches we can make to reduce the amount of waste generated in our bathrooms and beauty routines. And every person can make a difference.

Today, We’re Talking About How To Give Your Beauty Routine A Green Overhaul…

Get rid of single-use cotton pads and makeup wipes

Makeup wipes are made using materials like polyester and rayon fibers, some of which aren’t exactly biodegradable. Most of these wipes are either flushed down the toilet or just thrown in the bin, from where they end up in landfills or even the sea. Cotton balls may seem like a more eco-friendly option but cotton is a thirsty plant and it takes about 20 thousand litres of water to produce 15 packets of cotton pads. So, what can you do? Replace them with a reusable cloth or pads.

Stop using disposable Q-tips

Replace the regular Q-tips in your beauty routine with these sustainable ones that can easily be washed with soap and water and stored away in their biodegradable cases. The brand makes two different types, one to clean your ears and another one to efficiently clean up any and all makeup mistakes.

Be done with bottled body and haircare products

Soaps made a huge comeback in 2020 and unlike their drying predecessors, the new and improved versions are chock-full of skin-friendly ingredients. They’re packed with moisturisers like coconut and sweet almond oil as well as natural fragrances like rose, lavender, and lemon, to name a few. Plus, there are specially formulated bars for everything, from your hair to your body. It’s all about finding the right fit. 

Finally, stop buying spray deodorant

Sprays do contain a propellant that contains CFC (remember that ozone layer-depleting stuff you read about in 6th grade) and aluminum which is destructive and very polluting to mine. The best alternative? Natural deodorants. These don’t clog your pores and do a fabulous job of masking the odour of your sweat. 

Say goodbye to reef-damaging sunscreens

According to a recent study, at least 14,000 tonnes of sunscreen ends up in the oceans annually. The chemicals present in these SPF lotions disrupt the growth and reproduction of coral reefs, ultimately leading to bleaching. But thankfully, skincare brands are now cleaning up their act and launching ocean and reef-safe formulas that don’t contain oxybenzone and octinoxate, two of the most common chemicals that harm reefs even at very low concentrations. 

Which beauty switches are you going to make this year? Let us know! 

06 Jan 2021

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