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Sushmita Sen Reveals She Didn’t Know Rohman’s Age When They First Started Talking

Sushmita Sen Reveals She Didn’t Know Rohman’s Age When They First Started Talking

All through the lockdown, Sushmita Sen and boyfriend Rohman Shawl have been giving us some serious couple goals. Right from indulging in some couple yoga to helping Renee and Alisah master Pilates, the two have been making the most of all the home time by focussing on their fitness goals. Happy as Sushmita appears right now in all her social media posts, things really seem to be working for the actress both in her personal as well as her professional life.

As she prepares to make a comeback with Aarya, her romantic life is prospering too as Rohman keeps showing us time and again that he indeed is one hell of a partner. In a recent interview with Anupama Chopra, Sushmita got candid about her relationship with Rohman and how the two first started talking to each other after she accidentally opened an Instagram Dm sent by him. 

“I don’t check my DMs, I never opened direct messages. I was upset because someone had broken a glass and I just started scrolling through my phone and suddenly I saw I have opened a direct message and there he was. A beautiful man holding a guitar and saying the most lovely things. He was very honestly and unapologetically telling me something. And I responded to him and that’s how it started,” she shared.


Sushmita further added that she started falling for him once she realised that “He was so nice and so open and so kind.” Meanwhile, Rohman, of course, was absolutely smitten by the former Miss Universe so much so that he didn’t want his age to hinder their communication. 

“Initially, he kept hiding his age for some reason. I would keep asking him, ‘So, how old are you? You look so young.’ And he would be like, ‘You guess!’ Later, once I realised how young he was, as to why he didn’t want that to get in the way of this conversation.” Rohman is 29 years old and 15 years younger than Sushmita who is 44 right now. However, that was no hindrance to their relationship that blossomed naturally. As Sushmita says, “We did not really choose this, it was chosen for us. It was destined.”

Awww… isn’t this one adorable couple?

Featured Image: Instagram

12 Jun 2020

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