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I Had No Fight Left In Me: Sushmita Sen On Her Struggle With Addison’s Disease

I Had No Fight Left In Me: Sushmita Sen On Her Struggle With Addison’s Disease

Former Miss Universe Sushmita Sen has been setting some serious fitness goals with her fam during the lockdown. And while looking at her Instagram feed, one might be led to believe that all of this comes rather easy to her owing to the fact that this one happens to be a fitness freak, the truth is that Sushmita has had her shares of health struggles as well. 

The actress recently opened up about her struggles with the Addison’s disease in a YouTube Video. In the video, Sushmita revealed how the world came crashing around her in 2014 after getting diagnosed with the auto-immune disease. “After I was diagnosed with an autoimmune condition, called Addison’s disease in September 2014, it left me feeling like, I had no fight left in me,” she wrote in the YouTube caption. 

She also shared how the disease quickly took over her entire existence and elaborated on the difficulty of living with a chronic ailment. “A fatigued body filled with immense frustration & aggression. The dark circles under my eyes can’t even begin to explain the dark times I endured for 4 long years 🙂 To have steroids substitute cortisol & to live with its innumerable side effects took its toll. There is NOTHING more tiring than to live with a chronic illness,” she wrote. 

It is after continued struggles, that Sushmita decided to take matters in her hand and found a saviour in her Nunchaku.”Enough was enough, I had to find a way of strengthening my mind, allowing my body to follow suit. I meditated with #Nunchaku :)),” she shares. Here’s the video:

Nunchaku is a martial arts weapon consisting of two wooden sticks that are joined together by a chain, rope, or thong. Requiring a great amount of focus and precision, this efficient calisthenics equipment can help one improve their muscle endurance and strength with sustained practice.  

Writing about how the equipment helped her heal over time, Sushmita wrote, “Aggression out, fight back in & pain turned into an art form 🙂 I healed in time, my Adrenal glands woke up, no more steroids, no withdrawls & NO AUTOIMMUNE CONDITION as of 2019. :)) Lesson: NO ONE KNOWS YOUR BODY BETTER THAN YOU, LISTEN TO IT. 🙂 There is a warrior in all of us, never give up!!! Thank you to my Teacher Nupur Shikhare for being my rock through this journey 🙂 I love you guys!!! #ShantiShantiShanti #DuggaDugga.”

Now that’s a beautiful lesson in human fortitude, right?

Featured Image: Twitter

18 May 2020

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