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Saying No To Work Hurts Egos: Sushmita Sen Opens Up About Bollywood’s Toxic Culture

Saying No To Work Hurts Egos: Sushmita Sen Opens Up About Bollywood’s Toxic Culture

As the debate around nepotism in Bollywood escalated after the tragic death of Sushant Singh Rajput, actress Sushmita Sen’s recent take on how she dealt with it in the industry won our hearts (yet again). She said that she will continue to work for as long as the audience would want and her response made us feel that there is still some positivity and gratitude left in people. 

An epitome of beauty and grace, Sushmita returned to the screen after a gap of 10 years with the recent web series Aarya and has been garnering much appreciation for it. If you’re wondering about what took her so long, she recently spoke about how she was waiting for the right project. She confessed that turning down a few offers before Aarya led to a misconception about her not wanting to work. Talking to a leading publication, Sushmita said, “We’re in a business with humongous egos and that’s not a secret. Each time you say no then that’s a problem, you’re a problem, it might mean you don’t want to work”. 

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However, Sushmita has always lived her life on her own terms and never pondered upon ‘log kya kahenge’. “For me it’s always been about being honest and responsible about the work I take up. Good, bad or ugly. I chose this, so I’m responsible. So those offers that came to me sometimes weren’t good enough, sometimes it would be like we’re doing you a favour by keeping you in the industry. That doesn’t work with me”, added the Main Hoon Na actor.

Admitting that she has always been hungry for good work, Sushmita said that she never targeted the first five spots in the film industry. Speaking about the work environment that she prefers, the actress said that she is not just another actor trying to stay in the game and therefore, likes to work with people who are honest to her about her work. “I wanted to collaborate with fantastic and creative minds in every department. As an actor, I would enjoy working in a stricter environment where I’m told on my face when I go wrong rather than those ‘wah wah kya shot diya’ reactions”, she added.


From being a single mom to two beautiful daughters, Renee and Alisah, to her innate ability to exude positivity, Sushmita Sen has been an inspiration to her fans in many ways. She has always been on our minds even if we haven’t been seeing her a lot on the screen. As for Bollywood, we think it’s time that people learn to take ‘no’ for an answer and accept every artist (insider or outsider) for who they are.

Featured Image: Instagram/Sushmita Sen

16 Jul 2020

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