I Tried This Supermodel Approved DIY Hair Mask And It’s Now My Holy Grail Remedy!

Kannagi DesaiKannagi Desai  |  Aug 29, 2018
I Tried This Supermodel Approved DIY Hair Mask And It’s Now My Holy Grail Remedy!


There’s something about being in this industry that would turn a stranger into a saviour. Recently for work, I ended up having a conversation with model Anoushka Virk about all things beauty. Slowly, the conversation just stopped being about work and it felt like just two girls talking about all things they’re really passionate about. I kept asking her all these questions about skincare and makeup and trends. Then secrets were revealed, and things will never be the same for me. While I had this conversation, Anoushka Virk recommended hair mask that simply changed my life. 

The life of a model includes a lot of primping. They’re constantly exposed to colour, styling products and heat too. She told me it was imperative to have healthy hair because you couldn’t do much to hair in terms of topical conditioning. That’s when she told me about this amazing DIY hair mask that her friend’s mother recommended. This mask is a combination of hair oils and aloe vera, and basically, it had been her saviour. 

My hair is usually pretty tame and doesn’t give me too much trouble, but it never hurts to just care for it. I tried the mask and I think Anoushka is now tired of my constant messages thanking her. My hair felt healthier and looked softer to touch in just one go. I have used this mask thrice and my hair has never been better. 


DIY Hair Hack

Mix one-third Pure Castor Oil two thirds edible Coconut Oil (Anoushka prefers cold pressed and organic oil).

Add a dollop of 100% Aloe Vera Gel (basically unscented without any artificial colour).

Anoushka also breaks in a Vitamin E capsule. (I skipped this step though)

She does this once a week, applies it only to the roots, ties her hair up in a turban and leaves it on overnight to be washed the next day. 

I followed this and then I couldn’t stop running my hands through my hair. 

Please try this hair mask and let me know what you thought!

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