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Super-Pretty Lingerie For Your First Time (And Later Too!)

One’s first time is always special and never forgotten! Sure, we might stress and worry about it, but that’s not going to stop us, is it? After all, it’s an exciting thing! One way to deal with those pre-first-time jitters? Some amazing lingerie to give you a confidence boost, of course! Because, c’mon, who doesn’t want to have her man look at her with awe when she’s getting down for the main event?! Trust us, these lingerie options are going to make you not only look but also feel fabulous!!

1. PrettySecrets “Scandalous” White Plunge Push Up Bra & Bikini Set

lingerie for your first time

Nothing TOO scandalous about this one despite what the name suggests. The lace and colour combination of this set is a sureshot way to make his jaw drop!

Price: Rs 1,348. Buy it here.

2. Jack Wills Multi Check Lingerie Set

lingerie for your first time

If you’re not someone who loves lace and everything like it, don’t worry, there is something for you too! This adorable checked print is sure to keep you comfy and light-hearted.

Price: Rs 2,569. Buy it here.

3. Prestitia Green Bridal Bra Panty Set

lingerie for your first time

Sure, we love some light, soft shades when it comes to lingerie, but white can get a bit boring for THAT occasion. Try this pale green set with gorgeous net detailing instead!

Price: Rs 375. Buy it here.

4. Bodycare Blue Lingerie Set

lingerie for your first time

Boy shorts can be super-sexy too! While being SO much more comfortable than thongs and G-strings. AND it comes with a pair of stockings, in case you want to go the extra mile!

Price: Rs 650. Buy it here.

5. Clovia Nude Embroidered Lingerie Set

lingerie for your first time

Nude is an obvious choice for some sexy time, but this set comes with very intricate embroidery that we absolutely adore. It’s a classic with some added jazz!

Price: Rs 350. Buy it here.

6. Lady Love Casual Lingerie Set

lingerie for your first time

A red hot pair would be the sexiest thing you could decide on for that special night! Even if it’ll be on display just for a little while, it’s going to definitely be an instant turn-on.

Price: Rs 472. Buy it here.

7. Undiz Mafiz Lingerie Set

lingerie for your first time

If you don’t want to look like you prepped for the night, but still look great in your “regular” lingerie, this one is just for you! It’s a sensible black, but with some print to quirk it up a bit.

Price: Rs 2,460. Buy it here.

8. PrettySecrets Royal Purple “Incredible” Extreme Lift Push Up Bra & Bikini Set

lingerie for first time

If you’re looking for some cleavage, this is the ultimate one! And a slightly different choice of colour from the classic beige. It’ll make you look very bold!

Price: Rs 1,168. Buy it here.

9. Wonderbra New Ultimate Strapless Lace Bra

lingerie for your first time

There is a high probability that a date is going to proceed your special night, and in case you need a strapless bra for your special dress, you can opt for this one – it’s so sexy!.

Price: Rs 3,952. Buy it here.

10. PrettySecrets “Lace Tease” Front-Close Yellow Push Up Bra & Lacy Hipster Set

lingerie for your first time

This is the pair if you’re looking for something you can relax and calm those nerves down in. Lace in weird places might not help in those situations. So let this bright yellow set calm you down and let you feel…ready! (Also, it’s a front-open one – CONVENIENT!!)

Price: Rs 898. Buy it here.

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05 May 2016

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