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Do Your Lips Need To Be Saved From The Sun? We Give You The Scoop

Do Your Lips Need To Be Saved From The Sun? We Give You The Scoop

Just as essential to apply SPF on your hands, ears, nose, feet, and any other part of the body that’s perhaps less obvious, so too goes the rule for your lips. Because yes, just like other exposed parts of the face, your lips are just as easily susceptible to painful burn, sun damage, and pigmentation. 

The lip can be one of the first areas on the face to burn and nothing hurts more than a blistered pout. Thus, protecting your pucker with balms, sticks, and glosses that have built-in SPF is crucial to keep ‘em nourished and protected. Keep scrolling to know why lips need sun protection and a few of the key benefits of applying sunscreen on lips.

Why Do Lips Need Sun Protection?

Our lips are just as susceptible to the Sun’s radiation as the rest of our body, which means they’re vulnerable to sunburn, damage, pigmentation, and even skin cancer. Using lip sunscreen that filters out harmful UVB rays gives you protection from this often overlooked cancer, and in addition, provides much-needed sunburn protection.

How Much SPF Do Your Lips Need?

We suggest using an SPF of at least 15 or higher. SPF 15 blocks 90 percent of the sun’s UVB rays. Products with higher SPF numbers block slightly more of the sun’s rays, but no sunscreen can block 100 percent of the sun’s UVB rays.


6 Benefits Of Using A Lip Product With SPF


Prevents Sunburn

The thinner, more delicate skin on your lips is very susceptible to damage caused by UV rays. You know how painful a bad sunburn can be, so do yourself a favour and avoid it. 

Protects From Skin Cancer

The media loves to scare you with dire warnings about your health, but in this case, it is for real. The lip area is ripe for skin cancer, including two of the most common ones – basal and squamous cell carcinoma. If you protect your lips with lip sunscreen, you can keep them healthy and protected from cancer. 

Nourishes Your Pout

Sun rays, wind, and water can cause unsightly effects on your pout, such as chapping or dryness. Using lip products with built-in SPF helps keep your lips hydrated and kissable.

Heal Your Lips

Often, there are additional benefits to using sunscreen on lips. The modern-day formulas are infused with lip-loving ingredients that help repair redness, cracks, or other issues. They help seal in the moisture and protect from dry and cold air, as well as the harmful sun rays.


Imparts Soft Hint Of Color

Some lip balms, aside from moisturising, offer a slight hint of colour. This is perfect for days when you need a little extra oomph without having to apply lipstick! Moisture? Check. Flush of colour? Check! Whether you gravitate towards a less-is-more, cool girl kind of look or love to go full-blown glam with every given opportunity, there is a multitude of formulas that’ll give your pout some TLC while taking your look up a notch.

Can Make Your Lipstick Look Better

Among the many benefits of applying an SPF lip balm, applying it underneath your lipstick will allow your lipstick to go on as smooth as butter! If you are going to apply matte lipstick, make sure you apply a thin layer of lip balm and let it dry before swiping on your lipstick.

Lip sunscreen is on your list too, right?

Featured Image: Pexels

13 May 2022

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