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Your Skin Needs Sun Protection All Round The Year & Here’s Why

Your Skin Needs Sun Protection All Round The Year & Here’s Why

Dry, chapped lips, lower temperatures, and no sweating can lead us to feel we’re ready for winter’s arrival. One significant aspect we must throw light on is, ‘should we wear sunscreen in winters?’ What do you think? The answer is yes.

While the sun may appear to be hidden throughout the winter, ultraviolet (UV) rays can penetrate through clouds and fog, leaving your skin vulnerable to their detrimental effects. These harsh UV rays do not really consider the changing seasons and any exposure to the sun can harm your skin, leading to premature ageing, suntan and wrinkles.

Wearing sunscreen during winter can be a daunting task, especially when our only motive is to bask in the sun. We all know that we should apply sunscreen when we’re indoors, so why would we forgo it during the winter? Some of the most basic, but most important, reasons to use sunscreen in winter are listed down below.

4 Reasons Why Your Skin Needs SPF All Around The Year


Sunscreens Disintegrate Faster In Winters

You might imagine that sweating makes sunscreen last less in the summer, but the problem exists all year (mostly in winter). Sudden rains and harsh winter winds can play a major role in degrading the layer of sunscreen you apply in the morning while the lack of moisture in the air can make your skin feel even dry. Hence, you’ll reach out to sunscreen way more often in winters.

Ozone Layer Is Thinnest During Winter

Winter is when the ozone layer is at its thinnest, which you may not be aware of. As a result, the ozone layer will absorb fewer ultraviolet (UV) rays throughout this season, increasing your risk of UV exposure significantly. During winters, a high-SPF sunscreen is your best defence against UV exposure.

Winter Does Not Reduce The Risk Of Skin Cancer

Even if there is less sun exposure in the winter, sun damage can still exist. UV light exposure is substantially higher in the wintertime, which raises the danger of sunburns and blemishes, as well as the possibility of skin cancer. Melanoma, the worst form of skin cancer, is especially connected to UV exposure. Applying a generous layer of sunscreen can significantly minimise these threats.

Apply A Layer Of Sunscreen Even If You’re Indoors

Most of us ask, ‘Do I really need to wear sunscreen in winters?’ During the winter season, there may be less sunlight, demanding the usage of more electric lights. But did you know that UV rays are also emitted by ambient, blue, and infrared lights? Increased UV exposure can also harm the skin and raise the risk of skin cancer. Even if you’re staying indoors throughout the winter, it’s crucial to apply a good layer of sunscreen.

With a good mineral or tinted sunscreen by your side, you don’t need to worry about sun damage in winters.

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18 May 2022

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