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7 Tips To Save Your Skin From Feeling Hungover This Weekend

7 Tips To Save Your Skin From Feeling Hungover This Weekend

If you’ve ever looked in the mirror after a weekend of late nights and 3 a.m. pizza sessions to find dark circles, frizzy hair, a chipped manicure, and a general air of chaos, you’re not alone. While it’s totally acceptable, or shall we say necessary, to blow off some steam after each busy week of deadlines, meetings, and stress, most activities any less wholesome than yoga sesh and green juice tend to screw up our appearance. Life just ain’t fair!

So what does a girl do? Settle for a blotchy complexion all in the name of boozy brunch? We say no! If you firmly believe in living your best life on the weekends, we are here to help you hack your way to a brighter Monday with a few moves anyone can master. Keep swiping for the perf weekend beauty routine that’ll let you enter Monday feeling like 100% that b*tch. Try it out and be sure to set your alarm..gorgeous skin and hair are always worth waking up for.

7 Steps To Hack Your Way To Gorgeous Skin & Hair After A Boozy Weekend

Resurface Your Skin With A Chemical Peel

We know beauty buzzwords like chemical, peel, and acid don’t necessarily scream dewy, glowy, healthy skin. But these peels can work wonders to transform a dull complexion into just that. This two-step liquid peel is our fave. It contains a potent blend of lactic acid and glycolic acid to slough away dead skin cells, instantly giving you a brighter, rejuvenated complexion.

Exfoliate The Rest Of Your Body

There ain’t anything better than the feeling of physically scrubbing away dead skin from every inch of your body. It’s just extremely satisfying to work a coarse mixture all over, before rinsing it away to reveal soft, supple skin. This one by Stbotanica is perfect for a Sunday scrub down, and your skin’s softness will persist well into Monday.

Perk Up Your Peepers With Under-Eye Patches 

The endless Instagram strolls, the existential crisis that strikes our brains at 2 a.m., or binge-watching the entire show on Netflix – we’ve all had those sleepless nights. But it can really screw up our appearance. That is where under-eye patches come in handy. The under-eye patches make your under-eyes look less dried and skeletal and dewier, brighter, and plumper instead. Wins all-around!

Deep Condition Your Looks

Deep conditioning on Sunday ensures that you enter the new week with healthy, manageable hair. One of the best ways to deep condition your locks is by placing a shower cap over your strands while the product sits to trap in extra heat from your shower and allow the nutrients to penetrate your hair even further. 

At-Home Mani FTW!

There’s nothing better than the feeling of freshly painted nails. It makes us feel unstoppable. If you want to take your nail game up a notch, try indulging in a DIY manicure. All you need is this nail kit to slay the game. It comes in bright, poppy hues as well as in stylish neutral. So you can pick the one that sails your boat.

Stay Hydrated

This one might feel like a no-brainer, but without adequate water intake, all other beauty efforts are futile. It’s an indisputable fact that water makes everything better, from the skin to hair and even mood. A hydrated Sunday is the first step towards an excellent Monday.

Slap On A Face Mask

We are just going to come out and say it: modelling face masks are a skincare game-changer. They provide an instant plumping effect from their ability to push nutrients into your skin. Just wow! Our current fave is the one listed below, and it’s a Sunday staple in my house.

Bring on the glow!

Featured Image: Instagram

06 May 2022

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