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How To Switch Up Your Skincare Routine From Winter To Summer

How To Switch Up Your Skincare Routine From Winter To Summer

As temperatures soar, it’s best to reconsider the skincare routine that took you through the winter and upgrade it to something more summer-friendly. Why? Come summer, the skincare game changes drastically with heat being a major environmental factor responsible here. 

Building a routine for hotter weather needs all your attention RN because you don’t want to be facing unpleasant skin changes without having the right products to back you up. Just like how winter calls for heavier, more moisturising formulas, summer demands you switch to hydrating formulas that are lightweight and refreshing to the max. Here’s why!

The Common Summer Skincare Concerns

You will find your skin to feel super hot this season and not in a good way. Sunburn, dryness, oiliness, hot rashes, and acne are what poses a threat to your skin health. And it really doesn’t matter what your skin type is, pimples and boils are just waiting to pop at any sign of weakness shown from your skincare game. As we move towards the hotter months of the year, the only way to sail through with your skin looking and feeling fabulous is by making a few tweaks.

How To Switch Things Up For The Summer

Here are ways you can build a summer skincare regime that will fight off the season’s skin concerns and let you slay hot girl summer the way you desire.

Think Jelly Hydration

Give your skin a headstart on the day ahead by opting for a leave-in jelly mask at night. Jelly formulas are super hydrating and refreshing and they have the ability to thoroughly care for your skin in the summer. Look for ones with natural ingredients so that it delivers a burst of hydration. With this step, you will always wake up to plump and revived skin without any greasiness.

Switch To Gels

Move over cream formulas and let gels take over. Be it your cleanser or moisturiser, it’s ideal to go in for gel formulations because they are gentle and hydrating, and most importantly, lightweight. A gentle gel cleanser will not strip skin of excess moisture nor will it cause your skin to produce excess oil. It strikes the perfect balance that every skin type can benefit from this season. On the other gel-based moisturisers do the deed just right by keeping your skin thoroughly hydrated and calm so as to prevent dryness, rashes, oiliness, and pimples. 

Exfoliate Right

It’s important to exfoliate regularly in the summer; just don’t overdo it though. Reserve the exfoliation step only once or twice a week. Using the right kind of exfoliators is important too. Try to avoid harsh physical exfoliants and opt for chemical exfoliators instead. An exfoliating mask or a gel-based chemical peel are awesome choices to slough dead skin cells and remove impurities that cause blackheads and pimples during the summer.

SPF For The Win

Now is not the time to be avoiding sunscreen. SPF will protect your skin from UV rays and also from sunburn, rashes, and acne. Because inflammation is a result of excessive sun exposure and you don’t want to get anywhere close to dealing with that mess. Opt for skin-soothing sunscreens that are also lightweight and hydrating. You can try sunscreen gels or SPF mists for the best results.

Mist Things Up

The best way to cool down your skin is by opting for a face mist. These babies can be spritzed on any time, anywhere, and they instantly soothe and hydrate your skin. You will be able to avoid dealing with nasty rashes or surprising breakouts if you follow this step regularly.

Follow this skincare approach and your skin will love you for it. This routine is the best way to beat the heat this season.

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17 Mar 2022

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