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Our Hand-Picked Summer-Monsoon Face Washes That Work Effectively For Every Skin Concern

Our Hand-Picked Summer-Monsoon Face Washes That Work Effectively For Every Skin Concern

Look—most cleansers and face-washes deliver on their proposition of cleansing the face. But it’s established that your skin isn’t low-maintenance—it won’t acclimate to any product that doesn’t agree with it. Think about it. You wouldn’t want to match with someone who doesn’t understand you—much less go on a date with them. That’s how your skin works.

And that’s why it’s only fair to choose a face-wash that listens to the needs of your skin. We’ve rounded up a couple of face-washes that go beyond their job of cleansing—from treating scars to fading spots, these formulas are multi-purpose.

The Very Best Face Washes For All Of Your Skin Concerns

For Dullness and Pigmentation

Looking for an all-organic, cruelty-free face-wash to commemorate your A.M routine with? This berry-infused formula is just that. Enriched with tan-scavenging, radiance-reinstating Vitamin C, it excels at depigmenting the skin, unclogging pores, fading lines, and diminishing spots. It’s double-duty in that it rids the face of roughness, uneven skin-texture, blemishes, and build-up via exfoliation. And thanks to its composition of Acai Berry and Daisy Flower, it retains the glow of your skin, and nourishes deeply.

For Dryness and Acne-Related Scars

While most cleansers are effective with cleansing the face, they can strip the skin of moisture, and rob you of your glow. This one’s an exception. It retains your skin’s moisture by locking it all in—all while deep-cleansing the face, and purging your pores of dirt and grime. It excels at diminishing the appearance of deep-seated acne-relating scars too, and protects the skin from the effects of free-radical damage—adios, wrinkles and lines. It also enhances the elasticity of your skin over time, and endows you with a tighter-looking face.

For Oil-Prone Skin

If your skin is oil-prone, investing in a standard face-wash isn’t going to do it for you. You need a formula that controls the production of oil while cleansing your skin. This oil-control cleanser is abundant in skin-brightening Vitamin C courtesy of lemons and oranges. These nutrient-rich fruits work in conjunction with one another, and rid your skin of greasiness and tan for a natural-looking glow. Are you sold?

For Age Spots and U.V-Induced Damage

A face-wash turbo-charged with a U.V-fighting antioxidant? Check. This formula is laced with Green Tea—an ingredient that’s expert-approved as protecting the skin against sun-induced damage. Apart from sun-protecting, it’s enriched with anti-ageing properties that reduce the appearance of spots, wrinkles and lines—which are a result of U.V-induced damage. And thanks to its anti-bacterial abilities, it fights off acne, and unclogs the pores to deep-cleanse your skin.

For Acne and Inflammation

If Popeye was into skincare, we’re sure this one would be his go-to. This face-wash is dab-hand at soothing inflammation, and treating acne effectively (thanks, Niacinamide and Spinach). It does this by regulating the production of oil in the skin—as oil has a tendency to clog the pores, and lead to breakouts. And, thankfully, it doesn’t strip your skin of moisture while doing all this weightlifting—so hydrated, supple skin, hello!

Have you ever heard of a face-wash that tackles six skin-related concerns with just a few pumps? I just did, and it’s mind-numbing (in the best possible way). This 6-in-1 face-wash does this:

  • rejuvenates your skin, and restores it to its youthful, healthy-looking avatar by exfoliating the surface with bead-like particles.
  • reveals brightened and hydrated skin thanks to its ability to eliminate build-up and residue on the surface.
  • reduces the production of oil by unclogging dirt-filled pores, and prevents acne in the process.
  • prevents stripping of oils and moisture from the skin.
  • moistures the skin deeply.
  • cleanses the skin of stubborn, days-old dirt and grime.

Which cleanser are you adding to your summer-monsoon cart?

Featured Image: Instagram

23 Jun 2022

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