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The Ultimate Summer Haircare Guide For A Good Hair Day Before Monsoon Hits

The Ultimate Summer Haircare Guide For A Good Hair Day Before Monsoon Hits

Sweltering summer months are exactly the days when your mane turns to be the pain of your beauty regime. Fret not! We feel you, ’cause we’re braving the same sea. So, here’s a wake up call to all you dames, who want to put an end to sweaty, frizzy, untamed, and oily hair this season. The only way to keep your hair happy, healthy and nice is to add a boost of hydration. Don’t forget to create a nourishing shield around your hair to keep the scorching aggressors away.

If you’re confused about how to mane-tain your locks, worry not because we’ve paved the path for your crowning glory. Here’s a low-down of products you’ll need to brave the heat this season before monsoon hits and you need to change it up again.

Protect Your Hair From The Harmful Rays Of The Sun With These Haircare Tips

Cleanse & Clarify!

The very first step in your hair care regime is to reach out for a cleanser that’ll tackle your hair woes. When you talk about summertime haircare, you have to mention a list of shampoos that leave your hair squeaky clean while adding a boost of hydration. The only goal you should have in mind during this parched season is to keep on top of your hair game. Gurl, simply apply it evenly all over your wet hair, leave it on for a few minutes, and then rinse thoroughly.

Lock In Moisture: Masking 101

Hands downs, a nourishing mask can take your hair game to a whole new level. Followed with a thorough cleansing session, your hair requires the much-talked-about TLC of a nourishing hair mask. Try a deep conditioner or hair mask once a week to see visible results in your luscious locks. Some of them help strengthen your roots and repair damage. While selecting the right hair mask, be on the lookout for ingredients like olive oil, yoghurt, avocados, honey and bananas

Shield Your Strands From The Sun

Were you aware that hair cuticles expand during summers? The only way to relax them is by slapping the right amount of serum to smooth away frayed hair shafts and deliver a highly coveted shine. And if you spend hours taming frizz and baby hair, this magic-in-a-bottle is just for you. Simply, rake a few drops of this lightweight serum on your damp hair before you step out in the sun.

Heat Protection Sans Damage

In summers, the urge to tame your flyaways and frizz with a blow dryer or straightener becomes overly tempting. This is also a peak vacay season where you’ll be switching to different hairstyles for every outfit. We’re here to tackle all your heat-related problems. Firstly, what you need is a versatile heat protection spray that can be used before using a blow dryer. To avoid split ends and frizz, just make sure you invest in a styling tool that will reduce the damage done to your hair.

Cheers to healthy hair commitments this summer!

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09 Jun 2022

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