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Sweat-Resistant Makeup Tips To Summer Proof Your Base Makeup In The Heat

Sweat-Resistant Makeup Tips To Summer Proof Your Base Makeup In The Heat

No, we do not advocate melting makeup, even if it is in fact hot outside. Nobody likes it when foundation transfers to clothes or sheets and it definitely isn’t appealing when your visage is all sweaty and runny. During the summer months it is important to resort to measures that make your base makeup last long and stay fresh no matter how high the temperature. That’s why we bring you some essential tips to summer proof your skin this season. With these hacks by your side, you can rest assured that your skin and makeup will look fabulous and fresh all day long.

Tips To Ace Your Base During The Summer Heat

Fuzz Free

Dermaplaning can be the beauty step that prevents all your summer skin and makeup woes. Peach fuzz on your visage can cause your makeup application to look tacky and it can also encourage more sweat production that ruins your base. Facial hair can even make you prone to clogged pores and eventually break out. Opt for removing facial hair with a face razor. You can dust powder on your skin before lightly swiping the blade over your skin for easy and smooth hair removal. While opting for facial hair removal, always remember to avoid areas that are already irritated with acne or inflammation as that is not advisable.

Prime Prerogative

If you haven’t been prepping your skin with primer already, the summer isn’t the time to continue skipping this step. A primer will not only make your makeup last longer but it can also help keep your skin looking matte for longer. Apply a mattifying primer after moisturiser and sunscreen to ensure your base makeup products stay on throughout the day without causing you to sweat much.

Strategic Coverage

As much as we like a full face of makeup, it isn’t wise to go for a heavy foundation and concealer base during the hot weather. Practise skin minimalism and use only one corrective base makeup product only on areas that have discolouration. Choose either a skincare infused foundation or concealer and apply it on areas like your under eyes, contours of your nose and mouth, and on dark spots. Blend well and your skin tone will look uniform even though you haven’t applied the product all over. 

Jack Of All Trades

Ace your base with tinted skincare instead of makeup. Products like tinted moisturisers and tinted sunscreens offer light coverage and skin nourishing benefits. They also cut down your grooming time and allow your skin to breathe while enjoying an even toned glow. It’s better to have a light, natural base than having too many layers of makeup on when it’s hot.

Powder To You

A sweep of powder on your skin will instantly make your skin shine-free and will control your skin from looking sweaty for a while. You can always try a compact powder for coverage after your skincare routine instead of using a liquid foundation as it will give you good natural results and lightweight coverage. You can also use loose powder to set your foundation or concealer base so that it lasts longer. 

Cheeky Business

When you’re going light with your base, you can compensate for the coverage by opting for a hydrating blush. Blush will make your base like so natural and glowy that the lack of full coverage base makeup products won’t be that prominent. But instead of powder or cream formulas, we recommend you opt for gel blushes and blush tints. These are super hydrating and will not budge or look cakey even if you do begin to sweat. Just remember to use it before applying powder products for easy blending.

Follow these rules and you will look fresh and not greasy all summer long. Try them out now and watch how your skin glows.

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05 May 2022

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