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Wedding Hairstyles 101: The Perfect Hairstyle For *Your* Face Shape!

Wedding Hairstyles 101: The Perfect Hairstyle For *Your* Face Shape!

Out of all the exhausting wedding planning decisions a bride has to make, picking the right look for her wedding day is the most overwhelming one. And by her look we don’t just mean her outfit – it includes everything from her jewellery to makeup and even her hairstyle. Gone is the era when every bride out there would go for the cliche no-nonsense bun adorned with a gajra or roses. It’s important to pick a hairstyle that goes perfectly with your face shape. So, if you’re a soon-to-be bride and you’re worried about what hairstyle to go for, then fret not! We have some amazing tips and even hairstyle ideas. Scroll on.

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Let’s begin with making sure you know your face shape. Here is a detailed description of the five most prominent face shapes. Take your pick:

1. Long: A long and narrow face, your cheekbones are the most prominent feature.


2. Round: A face with a soft jawline, your high cheekbones are roughly as wide as the length of your face.

3. Oval: You have an oval face if the width of your face is almost one-third of the length of your face. You also have no harsh corners along the hair or jawline.

4. Heart: Your forehead and cheekbones are wide, but your face narrows at the chin.

5. Square: Your forehead and jawline are wide and roughly the same size. Your face also has beautiful corners.


So, now that you hopefully know the shape of your face, here are some amazing hairstyles that will be perfect for your face shape.

Long face:

wedding hairstyles  long face shape

Image Credits: Ronella Santhumayor

It’s summer season and the last thing a bride wants is her hair irritating her during the wedding festivities. A top knot or a bun on a slightly higher side of the head is the perfect hairdo for a long face. If you want a glamorous hairstyle for an evening function, go for stylish side-swept curls or a side braid. They will also add some width to your face.


Pro Tip: Another way to add slight roundness to a long face is to expose your ears. Tucking your hair behind your ear will expose your sultry cheekbones, thus giving an impression of added width.

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Round face:

wedding hairstyles round face shape

Image Credits: Ritika Kadam


Since you have high, envy-worthy cheekbones, it’s best to keep your hair side-parted or swept in order to show them off. For the bride who wants to keep her hair up, a sleek side-parted bun or ponytail is the best option. You can also go for a classic chignon with a twist. In case you want to keep your hair open, then loose wavy hair with a prominent side parting is your best bet. The side part helps in giving a more angular look to your face.

Hairstyles For Oblong Face Shape

Oval face:

wedding hairstyles oval face shape

Image Credits: Ronella Santhumayor


Not saying that other face shapes are any less, but an oval face is ideal in terms of hairstyles. Girls with an oval face can usually pull off any hairstyle they try because of the perfect proportion of their face. If you are blessed with this kind of a face, then instead of experimenting with a lot of hairdos, you should simply go for a simple swept back hair look. Be it a bun, a ponytail, curls, waves or a chignon.

Pro Tip: If you are curling your hair, then make sure that you curl the hair framing your face outwards, in order to show off your cheekbones.

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Heart face:

wedding hairstyle heart shape face


Image Credits: Ritika Kadam

A centre-parted braided hairdo looks angelic on girls with a heart-shaped face. You can also go for a slightly off centre part, which will sit very well with the frame of your face. A half-tied braided hairstyle with beachy waves is also a great choice for you.

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Square face:

wedding hairstyles square shape face


Image Credits: Ritika Kadam

A romantic and classic chignon is the perfect go-to hairstyle for you if you have a squarish face with slightly angular edges. You can have a few strands of hair framing your face when you make a bun or chignon. Poker straight hair with a centre-part is also a great pick for square faces.

We hope we could help you out with this detailed piece on how to pick the right wedding hairstyle! Now go and glam up your D-Day look!

Featured Image: Jasmeet Kapany Official


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