An Easy 5-Step Tutorial To Recreate Suhana Khan’s Sunkissed Makeup Look

Rimsha SheikhRimsha Sheikh  |  Jan 7, 2022
An Easy 5-Step Tutorial To Recreate Suhana Khan’s Sunkissed Makeup Look


Only real selfie addicts know that golden hour during the winter hits different. Its soft yet bright hitting light can make any selfie a 10/10 for the ‘Gram. And while some of you are just hearing about this, it seems like Suhana Khan already got the memo and her latest Insta post is proof. Her dewy, sunkissed makeup look snapped in the golden hour, makes the perfect recipe for a drop-dead gorgeous picture that will trend like crazy. Now you know the only two things you need to recreate this glamm picture. And while you can Google the exact time for your sunrise or sunset in your area, we have the main ingredient – the beauty breakdown for this minimal and glowy makeup look.

Stay Golden: 5 Steps To Suhana’s Sunkissed Minimal Glamm

If you’re someone who is looking forward to recreating this extra dewy makeup look, here’s how:

Step 1: Skin To DEW List

This makeup look requires you to go for a light to medium coverage foundation with a dewy finish. Use a beauty sponge or a makeup brush to blend it evenly across your skin. You can also add a hint of highlighter or illuminator into your foundation for an extra dose of glow.

Step 2: Sunny Honey

The key to any successful sunkissed makeup look is the blush. Pick a peachy punch of blush that goes with your skin’s undertone and apply to across your cheekbones in an upward motion. Make sure to apply a hint of blush in the middle of your node bridge and on your chin as well.

Step 3: Nothing Like Well Groomed Brows

When going for minimal glamm, make sure to pay attention to small details, because they will stand out. Brush your eyebrows and pluck extra hair if any. You can choose to fill in the gaps with an eyebrow pencil but don’t go overboard. We’re still keeping it simple.

Step 4: La La Lashes!

For the eye makeup look, pick a shimmery nude eyeshadow close to your skin tone for a subtle dash of glamm. Pick a brown eyeshadow shade and thinly apply it under your waterline. Follow it with a brown kajal on your waterline and for brown or black liner. Coat your lashes with your favourite volumizing and lengthening mascara and you’re good to go!

Step 5: Lips Like Sugar

Finish the look with nude lip gloss. This lip gloss binds your sunkissed makeup look which is equal parts clean, subtle yet fabulous.

When are you trying this Suahan Khan approved makeup look?

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