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Oh Boy! Suhana Khan’s Party-Ready Formula Is Equal Parts Edgy & Worth Stealing Instantly

Oh Boy! Suhana Khan’s Party-Ready Formula Is Equal Parts Edgy & Worth Stealing Instantly

Venturing out of the well laid-out comfort zone that many often prescribe to has never been a problem for Suhana Khan. From going all out with maximalist bling sometimes to keeping it easy chic at other instances, the 20-year-old sure knows how to pull out all the stops for a fashionable outing. Case in point, if you may: her recent look featuring a bold print and an edgier style to boot.

Suhana Khan’s Party-Ready OOTN

Of course, we took notes for those wishing to upgrade their party style for later. So without further ado, here’s looking at what she wore and how. 

A Skirt+Crop Top Combo

Suhana Khan's Party-Ready OOTN


Currently in Dubai with her family for the ongoing Indian Premier League, Suhana Khan celebrated her father Shahrukh Khan’s birthday in a low-key affair. With only close-knit fam spotted in the pictures, the Zoomer didn’t back down on her head-turning style quotient. A  crop top comprising full sleeves, a classic V-neck and a bold chevron pattern aside, she threw in a stark white mini skirt into the mix, her party-ready look ideal for warmer climes. 

For those looking to bookmark edgy looks for future shindigs, the young Khan’s look comes in handy. Wear as you will (read like high-octane separates) in summer and throw on an overcoat for the winter (if you are willing to brave the cold a little, that is)! We took the liberty of picking out some similar-looking clothing items so that you don’t have to deal with multiple tabs. Go on, take a peek. 

Beauty Details

Suhana Khan's Party-Ready OOTN


Not one to forget the beauty details, Suhana Khan followed up her edgy separates with highlighted cheekbones, a dash of the classic eyeliner, and a glossy lip colour. And because siblings don’t just leave older siblings in peace, she shared another picture with her brother, citing his disapproval and much to his dismay, we are assuming. Exhibit above. 

Circling back on the beauty essentials, there are a few listed below, just in case your arsenal needs renewing. Shop makeup that goes the long way and can be paired with most of your closet, looks no bar!

Now that you have seen all there is to Suhana Khan’s latest outfit, how about trying a similar look out for yourself. Just so that you know, virtual parties still count and don’t you let anyone tell you any different!

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Featured Image: Instagram

03 Nov 2020

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