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Ananya Panday & Suhana Khan’s Insta Banter Proves They’re The Coolest BFFs In B-Town

Ananya Panday & Suhana Khan’s Insta Banter Proves They’re The Coolest BFFs In B-Town

When recently asked about the camaraderie that Ananya Panday shares with Suhana Khan, the actress shared that she loves her best friend to bits but actually has a major complaint from her. Goes what Ananya might be complaining about? Well, Ananya is miffed that Suhana lives too far away from her place. And well, that’s just the two starkids for you.  

In fact, it is the witty remarks and the social media banter that the two best friends often engage in that has been winning hearts all this while. From Suhana dedicating a badly sung song to Ananya on her birthday to the latter often teasing her best friend by calling her the ‘little one’, these two have really been giving some serious BFF goals. 

Intrigued to find out how the two keep each other sufficiently roasted while expressing love in their own unique way? Here are five times the two-star kids gave us BFF goals with their internet exchanges. Enjoy!

When Suhana Asked For Her Shorts To Be Returned

A couple of weeks ago, Gauri Khan took to Instagram to share pictures of Suhana from a home photo shoot done by her during the lockdown. In the pictures, Suhana could be seen wearing a scarf top and looking absolutely radiant. Here’s the picture:

Soon after the picture got posted, Ananya complimented Suhana for the top while taking a dig at her best friend. She wrote, “I like this top sue!! But ur never gonna lemme borrow @suhanakhan2.” Not one to bow down, Suhana quickly replied to the comment, by writing, “@ananyapanday give my shorts back.” Now, if you ask us, that’s more of a sibling level energy. And that only makes the two besties all the more adorable. Cute right?


When Ananya Got A ‘Scary’ Surprise With Suhana Being Extra Sweet

While you’ll often come across Ananya and Suhana pulling each other’s leg on social media, the latter recently left us surprised by leaving a sweet “yay” on one of Ananya’s pictures. Seems like the actress too was taken aback by the sudden display of sweetness as she quickly retorted by writing, “@suhanakhan2 why you being sweet I’m scared.” Well, we don’t blame you Ananya! We too would smell something fishy if our best friends decided to get suspiciously nice with us. 


The Throwback Picture That Says It All

Last year for Suhana’s birthday, Ananya posted a throwback picture that instantly sent all the tabloids in a frenzy. Suhana Khan and Ananya Pandey have literally grown with each other and it was rather endearing to see a snippet from the past as proof of how inseparable these gals have been all this while. “Happiest bday to my littlest baby with the biggest heart ❤️ We love u Sueeeee 🥰 #CharliesAngels #MajorThrowback,” Ananya captioned her post. Here’s the picture:

When It Was Suhana’s Turn For A Surprise

While last year for Suhana’s birthday, it was all about goofy throwbacks, Ananya ‘managed’ to find a new picture this year. “The two things I miss the most – the great outdoors and SUHANA!!! 🥺🥺🥺 happy 20th bday Sue 😨🥳 but u will be my little baby forever ❤️,” Ananya captioned the picture. However, it’s is Suhana’s reply that just testifies that these two are the bona fide BFFs. She wrote, “Hahaha you found one not bad.” Tell, us if your best friend isn’t equally sarcastic all the damn time!

When Ananya Proved That Suhana Has Always Been Her Fan

While Suhana did manage a decent picture for her feed on Suhana’s birthday, she also had a couple of adorable throwbacks for the story and while we did love all of them, it was the caption of one of these pictures that had us in splits. It was a childhood picture of the friends with Ananya looking at the camera and Suhana looking at her with all the love in the world. “@suhanakhan2 has always been in love with me,” Ananya captioned the picture. Here’s the post:


Well, aren’t these two the BFF goals?

Featured Image: Instagram 

10 Jun 2020

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