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Whaaat? Is Sudhanshu Pandey Getting Replaced From Anupama?

Whaaat? Is Sudhanshu Pandey Getting Replaced From Anupama?

I have to admit, that while I have never been a huge fan of Indian TV shows, I have started liking them recently. Some daily soaps have done away with regressive plots and are not portraying the bahus as a docile woman. Case in point: Anupama.

NGL, I had too many issues with this show initially. Anupama, played by Rupali Ganguly, came across as a woman who could never take a stand for herself. Ughh! Her on-screen husband, Vanraj, played by Sudhanshu Pandey, treated her terribly and cheated on her. Honestly, there was a point when I thought that this show was just like the others. Well, it’s not!

Over the months, the story arc changed for good. However, the best part remains that Sudhanshu’s character is finally realising his mistakes. Gotta say, he made his character so convincing that I genuinely started hating him for being bad to his wife. We wonder if any other actor will be able to play Vanraj as well as he does. Why are we wondering this all of a sudden? Because chances are that Sudhanshu might quit Anupama soon.


The grapevine has been buzzing with rumours that the makers of the show are approaching different television actors to play Vanraj. Apparently, actor Ronit Roy is all set to make an entry on the hit series soon. But, whether he would play an entirely new character or replace Sudhanshu, is yet to be seen. A little birdie tells us, “Whispers are doing the rounds that Ronit will soon start shooting for ‘Anupamaa’ but these are just baseless. Such loose talk serves no purpose.”

TBH, as one of the highest-rated shows on television ATM, it would be quite a risky move to change its lead character.


Apart from Ronit, many other popular faces of the television industry have also been considered for the role. The list includes Rajeev Khandelwal, Arshad Warsi, Salil Ankola and Shakti Anand. In a recent interview with a leading daily, Sudhanshu said that to avoid getting typecast in the entertainment industry, one needed to keep switching from one character to another. He said, “I think there is always a scope to break away from it because audiences memory is not forever. You do something different, give them a different sort of entertainment through different characters and they will forget your past. It depends on whether you want to do the same thing or you want to move into a different character. It’s a personal choice.”

Well, while we would love to see the actor continue his role (he’s really impressive), we totes understand if wants to move on. Cannot wait to find out the new twist in Anupama now!

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08 Jul 2021

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