Money Or Fame? Here’s What Your Zodiac Says!

Divya SharmaDivya Sharma  |  May 5, 2016
Money Or Fame? Here’s What Your Zodiac Says!


Everyone of us is always wondering what life has in store for us, may it be related to love, family, friendship or career. So let your sun sign answer one of those very important question for you! Let’s see what’s lying ahead – money or fame? Or – GASP! – BOTH?!


You’ve always been a leader, and of course that’s what you’re always going to be. It comes so naturally to you, and that’s the reason there just isn’t any stopping until you get what you want – whether it’s money OR fame! They’re both very much in your life, because once you’ve set your mind on something, you’re going to get it no matter what.

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Putting in hard work is something you’re very used to and never shy away from! You always keep your eye out for the end result, though, and because of this amazing characteristic, money is just bound to flow in. You don’t let it cloud your judgement and never really take it for granted, which only adds to your success.

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Every story has two sides and you’re the type of person who can see both of them! This makes you great at planning ahead, which gives you an edge over most people. You’re also competitive by nature and excel at giving others a run for their money. Fame will come to you without you running after it  and money will soon follow. But know when to call it quits, else you risk burning out!

success according to your zodiac 5


While you may be super-caring, you’re also a very sensitive soul – which makes you feel wary of fame and limelight and you tend to avoid certain situations. This doesn’t mean you don’t get recognition for your deeds, though – you just avoid making a bigger show of things than necessary!

success according to your zodiac


There’s nothing you can’t achieve in the world with your level of dedication and loyalty! You do what others are too afraid or hesitant to do. You could even say that pushing boundaries is your hobby! You’ll be fairly rewarded for all of your effort quite handsomely in the monetary sense. You aren’t meant for the sidelines, and never let anybody tell you otherwise!

success according to your zodiac 3


You have an inherent need to put things right when they’re out of order. This is a wonderful quality to have – just don’t let it distract you from where your focus should be… on YOU! It’s hit or miss, girl! So don’t take your eyes off the prize or it’ll slip away even though you’re fully deserving of it!

success according to your zodiac 6


You can’t help but think out of the box, and why should you even try? It ends up taking you places that you wouldn’t have if you stuck to the conventional way of doing things. Fame is waiting right around the corner, so you just go on doing what you’ve been doing. The sky is the limit for you, my friend!

success according to your zodiac 7


You might not be an “early winner”, but that’s only because you spend a lot of time to fully absorb as much as you can before giving something a shot! This works to your favour because it almost always ensures that you come out on top. And once you get there, you remain consistent in your dedication. So there’s money in the not-so-far future, and fame too for being known to be the best at what you do.

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You were born a star! You couldn’t escape the fame if you tried. Oh, but wait…why would you even try?! You absolutely adore attention and flourish under the spotlight. You make your own way wherever you decide to go. And in your opinion, there’s nothing in the world that can’t be accomplished. You tend to invest yourself in every single thing you do, though, which sometimes takes away your pace. But your bounce-back rate is admirable, so it doesn’t hold you back too long!

success according to your zodiac 8


No one can handle responsibility like you can! You put your duties before anything else, so fame is not something you crave. But power, on the other hand? Power is what makes your world go around, and no, we don’t mean this in the evil-mastermind way. You’re more capable than most to handle the power and often tend to act wiser than your age. There will be plenty of money, but your interests lie elsewhere, and you aren’t afraid to admit it.

success according to your zodiac 10


Uncharted waters? It’s like you were born for them! While you might succeed in whichever field you decide to go for, you know you would feel happiest if you went exploring a field that might be considered a bit “out there”. While your adventurous nature and creative personality ensure you a life of fame, money is a fluctuating factor and could be a hit or miss unless you keep your eye on things.

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The world is your god damn oyster, and you wouldn’t have it any other way. You like to keep your options open in case you feel like a different path might hold a more exciting future for you. You’ll follow your dreams no matter which way they take you, and there’s little chance you’ll regret it. People might not understand the way you do things sometimes, but they’ll see one day – when your dreams decide to pay you back for all the risks you took!

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