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Hairbands Are The New ‘IT’ Accessory And We’ve Picked Out The Best Ones For You!

Hairbands Are The New ‘IT’ Accessory And We’ve Picked Out The Best Ones For You!

Remember as kids when your mom would dress you up for parties and slide on a hairband matching to your dress? Well, that style is coming back in trend. If you want to channel your inner Blair Waldorf, then we’ve got just the accessory for you. Choose your fave from these hairband designs and you can elevate any outfit to the next level.

Embroidered And Embellished Headbands

Embroidered hairbands for women come in different styles. They can have thread work embroidery or can even be beaded or sequined. We’ve got the most glamorous ones for you.

Hair Drama Company Shell & Pearl Headband

This is a knotted headband which gives you a feeling of being at the beach. So, if you want something to go with your resort-wear, you should choose this one. It’s a statement accessory so you won’t really need anything with it. You can even choose to wear this stylish hairband for a brunch with the girls!

Pink Crystal Beaded Hairband

This is one of those hairband designs which can be worn with multiple outfits. You can go for a monochrome pink look and let this be the star or opt a contrasting outfit in powder blue or lilac. A stunning piece that will take your daytime outfit to the next level.

White and Silver Sequins and Crystal Embellished Hairband

Just look at how gorgeous this accessory is! It’s one of those hairbands for girls that looks great with almost everything. You can wear it with an all-black outfit or even with something white and pastel. This will work well with a floor-length dress for a cocktail event. If you love doing something different with your look, take it up a notch with this headband.

Plain Headbands

For those who want to jump on the headband trend but are hesitant to wear anything too over-the-top, these headbands for women will work well.

Knit Headband Pink/ Mauve

This is one of the best headbands for the autumn and winter months because it’s knitted. It doesn’t necessarily keep your head warm or anything but it will look super cute with your blazers and oversized sweaters. Add it to your cart, now!

H&M Women Beige Cashmere Headband

Another one for winters, this is a stylish cashmere headband that will make you feel fancy. The material is super soft so it won’t cause irritation around your neck and the colour is extremely wearable. A great buy for an everyday winter look!

Shimmery Alice Hair Band

This is one of the best headbands for women who love to add some shimmer to everything. Wear it with a pastel pink or a beige outfit and don’t forget to add some sparkle to your makeup look with the MyGlamm Manish Malhotra Illuminating Highlighter Stick!

Twist Knit Headwrap

This is a great headband with a knot that you can buy in many colours if you want to make it a part of your personal style statement. The rust colour is bright yet not too extravagant. It’s got a 90s vibe and will look superb with a pair of dungarees and a cropped tee.

Floral Headbands

Floral hairbands look superb during the spring and summers and we’ve got a few for every occasion. Trust us, you’re going to want to get your hands on these stylish hairbands now!

Orange and Peach Sequins and Crystal Embellished Hairband

This is an embellished, floral hairband for women which is really cute thanks to its sequin and beadwork. It looks different and fun without being too extra. So ladies, if you want to start accessorising your outfits with something other than chains and earrings, this headband is a fun one to try.

Blueberry Yellow Colour Floral Printed Knotted Hairband

For people who don’t want to go with embellished pieces, this floral printed hairbands for girls works really well. It’s bright yellow with pink printed flowers and is perfect for a daytime picnic. Wear it with a plain white dress and it’ll be an Insta-worthy look, we promise! 

Rose Crown Headband

Okay, people who are looking for floral crown headbands, we’ve got you covered. These hairbands for women look super cute with a flowy dress or for a themed party. This one has roses made on it and we’re definitely adding it to our wishlist! 

Printed Headbands

Printed hairband designs look incredible. You can go for a pint-on-print look or just pair them with a plain outfit to add a pop of colour. These look super casual and are great for daily wear.

Tropical Twisted Headwrap

Want to go for a beach holiday but can’t? Well, wearing this tropical printed headband may help! It’s fun and will go with a whole lot of colours like pinks, greens, olives and beige. So go ahead and experiment with this stylish hairband.

Cotton Printed Hair Band Set of 2

Hey desi girl, this set of two printed headbands for women is great for when you want to jazz up your simple tee and denim look. These will even look great with a plain kurti and you can find similar face masks to really tie in your look together! 

Blueberry Multi Colour Printed Bow Knot Detailing Hair Band

This is a bow and knot headband with a tiny floral print on it. It’s super casual and can be used when you’re having a bad hair day. Trust us, they’ll be covered up in no time with this accessory on.

Animal Print Headband With A Bow

This is one of the most stylish headbands for women because animal print is such a rage right now. We’re seeing it on the runway and on social media and this accessory will totes keep you in vogue. Pair it with a plain brown or beige outfit or even with an animal print fur jacket cause why the hell not?

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Stay stylish and stay happy!

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21 Oct 2020

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