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7 FAB Styling Tips For A Girl With A Bigger Butt!

7 FAB Styling Tips For A Girl With A Bigger Butt!

Allow us to tell you something you already know – every body type is beautiful in itself. Yes, there will always be ways you can highlight or hide something you are conscious about, but do remember that you are flawless…no matter what. Cool? Cool. Now, let’s talk about butts! Big butts. Because we like big butts and we cannot lie. Having a big booty has now gone mainstream, thanks to J-Lo and Beyonce, yay! If you know you have a big butt and you are not sure how to style your outfits to flatter it best, then here are a few styling tips to help you make the most of that beautiful asset you have been blessed with!

1. Wear A-line skirts

1 girls with a big booty

Skirts are every girl’s favourite summer fashion item. Girls with a bigger butt should wear A-line skirts as they sit on your waist and flare out from there – not exaggerating your curves or drawing attention to any particular part of your body. And your ample butt will make the shape of the skirt stand out even more, making it look prettier.

2. Wear wide legged trousers with fitted tops

Believe that palazzos and wide legged trousers were made just for you, because they’re perfect for the girl with some booty. The width of these pants balance out your frame and highlight your curves in the most flattering way. Wear them with fitted tops or crop tops to create a more neat and structured look!


3. Wear high waisted anything. Yes, you can!

3 girls with a big booty

There is a common misconception that wearing high waisted trousers or skirts if you have a big bottom will only make it look bigger. High waisted jeans and skirts can, in fact, accentuate your butt in the most flattering way and help create a fab bootylicious silhouette. What you have to keep in mind is wearing the right kind of high waisted trousers. Avoid high waisted trousers without back pockets. Stick to thicker fabrics. Don’t wear high waisted trousers if they have an elastic band and always look for something with no elastic on the waist as they crunch up.

4. Wear anarkalis

When it comes to Indian wear, anarkalis look great on girls with a bigger bottom. Since they don’t hug your body tight and spread out from your waist, the way they actually drape at hip level for you looks really good. Empire waist anarkalis will also look gorgeous on you…and the same goes for maxi dresses!

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5. Draw attention upwards

5 girls with a big booty

If you don’t want people to pay too much attention to your booty, then highlight the top half of your body and draw attention upwards. Accentuate your shoulders by wearing off shoulder tops or highlight your neck by wearing a statement neckpiece. This balances out your frame and slims down your bottom smoothly.

6. Wrap and flare

Confused about what the right dress silhouette is for you? We’ve got your back. Fit and flare dresses and wrap dresses will look fabulous on you. These dresses cinch your waist and drop down from it, bringing the right equilibrium to your frame.

7. Always wear thicker fabrics

Stay away from anything that is clingy and sticks to your body, like jersey. Wear thicker fabrics that will highlight your booty in a very flattering manner. If you are wearing cotton or linen pants, then try to look for one with back pockets; if you are wearing skirts then opt of thick opaque fabrics.


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26 May 2016

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