Too Lazy To Go To The Gym? Shave Off A Few Pounds Using 25+ Styling Tips & Tricks!

Arunima RustagiArunima Rustagi  |  Dec 28, 2016
Too Lazy To Go To The Gym? Shave Off A Few Pounds Using 25+ Styling Tips & Tricks!


While we would all just love to rock bodies similar to those of our favourite Bollywood actresses and runway models, it’s quite obvious that it’s easier said than done. It could be the mere fact that you, like us, procrastinate on the regular when it comes to hitting the gym. For most of us, it is that we all have different kinds of bodies that respond to different kinds of diets and activities – and also different assets that we should own and celebrate.

All of us want to be fit, look and feel good and wear the outfits that make you look slimmer but like all good things, this, also, takes time. So, work hard to make your body into the best version of itself and go at it. And while you work out what is best for your body, there are tips and tricks that will help you dress to your body’s advantage and empower you.

Flaunt what your momma gave ya while bringing attention to your curves and looking more shapely. While you think about How to dress to look slimmer remember girls, there are NO rules and restrictions when it comes to what you want to wear as long as you know how to wear it. 

Styling Tips To Look Like A Fitter You

You can wear whatever you want, just wear it right, so you feel and look amazing! Here are our top fashion and styling tips and tricks on what to wear to look slimmer :

1. Buy Your Size

Pay attention to sizing charts when shopping because a size too small or too big, even, can make you look bigger than you actually are. Wearing your exact size is super important unless you’re working an oversized look, in which case we’ve dropped a tip to make it work in your favour too. The better the fit, the more shapely you look.

2. Time For A Wrap


Image source: Instagram

In case you didn’t already know, wrap dresses are a god’s gift to our wardrobes, for shaving a few pounds off. These dresses tie at the waist, creating an hourglass figure effortlessly. Fun patterns are also a great way to conceal problem areas so mix the two trends if you like. The best part is that wrap dresses are so classic, they’ll always make you look super chic!

3. Pay Attention To Your Top Length And Where It Meets Your Bottoms

We bet you didn’t know this was a thing. So, keep this in mind – all tops that end at the waist add weight to your frame and draw attention to your tummy. We recommend wearing a cropped t-shirt with cropped ankle-length pants or if you’re not comfy with that, a shirt that ends just below the waist. This trick is known to help elongate one’s frame and slim it down too.

4. Try Side Panels

A dress with dark, contrasting panels going down the side of it will seriously help give you an enviable hourglass shape. Slip into one and be amazed at how slim your waist looks. You’ll never want to take it off!

5. The Fit and Flare

Another dress that can help whittle your waist is the classic fit and flare shape. These dresses are fitted on top and flare out towards the bottom, giving a gorgeous shape to your body and helping you trim a few inches at the waist. We all need a few of these in our wardrobes!

6. Stripes, Stripes, Stripes

Vertical stripes are the most flattering and classic print around and when it comes to making you look pounds lighter, they will never fail you. Vertically striped prints and even vertical lines created by scarves or suspenders will always help you look leaner and taller.

7. Colour-Coordinate Your Separates

By matching different pieces of your outfit together, you shave a couple of kgs off your body, just like that! You can stick to one colour tone throughout but feel free to mix it up with prints and patterns. For instance, if you’re going for black, pair a black and grey checkered top with a black skirt, a grey coat. Add a pair of bright shoes if that’s too much black/grey for you.

8. How To Wear Bold Prints, Colours And Patterns


Image source: Instagram

Let those larger-than-life prints into your wardrobe. Layer the print to highlight your cinched waist or long legs, by pairing it with a solid colour. We’re die-hard fans of this daytime pantsuit look! Perfect for brunch with bae or a shopping date with the girls, isn’t it?

9. Boot-cut Is Bae

Boot-cut jeans are love, this season, and here’s why you should invest in a pair STAT. The wider cuff of the denim makes those legs appear as long as a summer day and takes some pounds off your frame! Throw them on with a crisp white shirt for a coffee date; swap it for a dressy top and some dainty heels, and voila! Your din-drinks look, ladies.

10. Block The Way

Take note, girls. Master this technique and you’re sorted for life! Warm colours make you look bigger, and cool ones, smaller. Keep this in mind, and structure your outfit to accentuate and highlight your best features and assets. Feel playful? Experiment by pairing bold hues like electric blues and pinks. Or keep it breezy by pairing neutrals like beige, navy or olive with popping shades, such as hot pink and canary yellow.    

11. Sneak Peek Central

We’re talking plunging necklines and thigh-high slits, among others. The V-neck creates the illusion of a longer neck, and a glimpse of the thigh makes your legs look longer. Try this look at your next cocktail party or when you’re going out dancing; thank us later!

12. Concoct A Pattern Cocktail


Image source: Instagram

Time to stir things up. Who says curvy women can’t wear horizontal stripes or other big prints? It is true that big prints and horizontal prints bring attention to a particular body part, so why not use them to your advantage? If you have a fitter upper torso, wear horizontal stripes or big prints on your top and club with a solid coloured bottom. Want to make a statement? Mix prints that are counterparts of the same family, to highlight your curves.

13. Pick The Right Bag

Did you know that apart from structure and tailoring being crucial in your clothing, it is also important when it comes to your accessories? If you’re hunting down a streamlined and clean-cut look, stick to a moderately sized handbag that is sharp and structured – avoid bags that are slouchy, oversized or too small as proportions that are off would just make you seem bulkier or bigger than you, in fact, are.

14. Wear Lingerie That Fits

No, we’re not talking about control top panties, corsets and other shapewear. Yes, you can resort to those when wearing an exceptionally figure-hugging dress or a pencil skirt. But here, we’re talking about your collection of daily undergarments, i.e. your bras and underwear. A well-fitted bra will boost your boobies to where they should be (your nipples should be at the halfway point between your elbow and shoulder) and accentuate the curve of your waist and better your posture. If you aren’t aware of your size, stop by your favourite lingerie brand to shop from and get measured.

15. Wearing Heels? Pick ‘Em Right

Follow the rule of proportions whenever you’re picking out a belt or, for that matter, a pair of shoes to go with your outfit. The curvier your calves, the thicker your heel should be to complement your relatively narrow ankles. Similarly, if you have lean legs, don’t be afraid to go for a slimmer heel.

16. Wear Dark Layers Under Lighter Ones


Image source: Instagram

Want to layer like a pro and dress to look fitter and more fabulous? No matter what item you’re layering with – tees, sweaters, cardigans, blazers or coats – always keep one trick up your sleeve. Wear your darker coloured pieces first and over those, throw on your lighter items to maximise your outfit’s slimming potential.

17. Your Pants Need To Be One Or More Of These…

If you’re curvy and want to dress to look toned, go for one or more of these features in your pair of pants: a 1-2 inch wide waistband as narrower ones draw attention to a tummy bulge by dividing your torso and waist and hence highlighting it; two, know that flat-front pants are much more flattering compared to pleated fronts… flat-front styles minimise tummy bulges by creating an unbroken line across your belly and that ends up making you look slimmer; last but not the least, pick pants that feature a slight flare, the trend that’s been taking over lately, so as to make your figure sustain its curves but make those hips seem slimmer. Also, a comfy stretch in your pants is always recommended to give you the right fit.

18. Unique Necklines Are Key


Image source: Instagram

Sure, it’s great for your figure to be wrapped up in dark hues such as black and navy blue but it tends to get boring sooner or later. Keep it stylish and ‘lose’ a few pounds off your frame at the same time by adding more exciting details to your LBDs or blue jumpsuits. We’re referring to statement-making necklines such as the plunging, asymmetrical, deep-U kinds. These necklines slim the waistline and draw attention to your facial features, so make sure you do some killer eye makeup, won’t you?  *wink*

19. Wear Shoes With Low Cut Vamps

One very useful trick to elongating and thus slimming your look down is to pick close-toed shoes such as pumps/ ballet flats with low-cut vamps. The lower-cut those vamps, the more skin you show and the longer your legs look. This trick works with anything from dresses to cropped pants.

20. Wear Coats With Chunky Collars

During winters, its normal to bulk up in order to protect yourself from the blistering cold but in all honesty, it does work against your figure. A wider, chunky collared coat, however, slims down everything from the neck down by adding a streamlined visual. You can pull this trick by working a fluffy cable-knit scarf over your outerwear as well.

21. Just Belt It


Image source: Instagram

This is the easiest trick in the book. Just use a belt to cinch your waist. It’s the quickest way to give it some shape. Be it a skinny belt or a statement one – the choice is yours!

22. The Perfect Dress Would Be…

A dress that has a deep V-shape neckline and is also cinched at the waist = bull’s eye. This is the type of dress that has an admittedly universally flattering silhouette. With darts at the bust and a cinch right above the waist, this piece is a must-have if you want to dress to look slimmer.

23. Shoes That Match Your Skintone Go A ‘Long’ Way

A pair of nude heels in a shade that matches your skin tone is as genius as shapewear in our dictionary. Add a couple more inches to the length of your legs by slipping into nude heels with your dresses – whether it’s a mini or midi, your look will go a level up thanks to these shoes. Not only do you look taller but also, slimmer. Don’t forget that this trick works only with bare legs and it wouldn’t be the best idea to pair skin-tone heels with pants or coloured tights/leggings.

24. Invest In Long-line Outerwear


Image source: Instagram

Anything that is around waist-length tends to add extra bulk to your frame by drawing attention to your hips and belly. Whether it is a cardigan, a blazer or a coat, pick one that ends at your hips or below to nail dressing to look slimmer.

25. It’s All About Proportion

The golden rule: pair narrow with broad and broad with narrow. If you wear a broad top with broad pants, you’re bound to look broader than you are! So, if you’re relatively top heavy, wear an oversized top, pull on a pair of skin-tight leggings to accentuate your legs. Or wear a pencil skirt and tuck a loose-fit T-shirt at the waist to bring attention to your best assets.

Even though these tricks are foolproof, don’t use them as excuses to give up on your diet and workout, ladies. Alright? 

This story was updated in March 2019.

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