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For The Love Of Shoes: An Ultimate Guide On How To Choose The Right Footwear *Always*

For The Love Of Shoes: An Ultimate Guide On How To Choose The Right Footwear *Always*

Shoe shopping is one of the most fun and yet difficult tasks. The variety of styles, comfort levels, occasions, price ranges, can make it a daunting task sometimes. From work-appropriate oxfords to party-worthy stilettos and from playful sneakers to comfortable slip-ons, there’s something for every mood and occasion. There’s a reason why they say that the right footwear can make or break an ensemble. One bad choice can kill your feet or completely spoil your look, and the right choice can make heads turn.

To anyone who’s looking for some tips on how to choose the right footwear, here’s our guide to have your shoe game on point.

The Best Footwear For Different Seasons


Summers can mean sweaty feet. So it is important to be extra choosy while buying footwear for this season. Check out these styles that are perfect for the hot-as-an-oven days:


Nothing screams it’s summer louder than espadrilles. Choose a style in a bold colour and make your footwear the talking point of your outfit.



Image Credits: Sanam Ratansi on Instagram

We love slides because they are just so effortless to put on during summers. The open style means no sweaty feet. Additionally, slides are not boring anymore. There are countless options in materials, weaves, and patterns. You even get ones with knots and bows on the top that add a playful touch to the outfit.

Types Of Formal Shoes For Ladies

Strappy Sandals

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Image Credits: Tanya Ghavri on Instagram

Sandals with lace-ups make the perfect summer footwear as they look good with dresses and shorts. You can keep the lace bunched around your ankle for a subtle look or tie them all the way up your leg to create a dramatic look.

We Recommend: AJIO Gladiator heels with tie-ups

Ballerina Pumps

Ballerinas are timeless and perfect for every season, summers in particular. There’s nothing more simple and elegant than a pair of ballet flats in summer. Get multiple shades to pair with different outfits and they will soon become your most prized possession this summer.



Image Credits: Allia Al Rufai on Instagram

Mules have open-backs and are therefore, apt for the hot weather. They give your feet the much needed space to breath.



Image Credits: Tanya Ghavri on Instagram

Sneakers are already an essential in every woman’s wardrobe and summer is the season when you just can’t avoid them. We recommend sporty white sneakers because they go well with any ensemble and are the perfect choice if you’re on your feet a lot. Canvas sneakers are particularly cool on the feet in summers.


Winters bring with them the joy of snug socks, sexy boots, and so much more. There’s plenty of winter-appropriate styles out there that can keep you warm and on trend!

Ankle Boots

Ankle boots are to winters what white sneakers are to summers. Just one pair is enough to spend the entire winter in style. They not only keep your feet warm throughout the day but also look super-chic.Though they come in a lot of colours now, classic black just fits every occasion and complements every outfit.

We Recommend: Madden Girl boots with perforated panels.

Knee High Boots


Image Credits: Rhea Kapoor on Instagram

Rihanna and Miranda Kerr taught us how one can never go wrong with thigh-high boots. If paired right, this footwear style has the ability to make your everyday outfit look like it came out of a page in a fashion magazine. Again, if you haven’t worn them a lot before, and if you want to get the max mileage out of them, choose a black pair. These will draw a little less attention and will go with most of your clothes.


Sneakers aren’t going anywhere. Not anytime soon, at least. Bigger and chunkier sneakers are all the rage in winter. What’s more, they are more comfortable than they look.

We Recommend: Puma navy blue sneakers.

Leather Loafers

Loafers look classic and timeless. The ones made in leather are perfect to keep you warm during winter and also give you a polished look.


Snow and rains can make walking outdoors difficult. It’s not the time for stilettos and flip flops, but definitely for other styles ideal for the wet weather.

Rain Boots


Image Credits: Eshaa Amiin on Instagram

Not everyone loves the rains, but most people love rain boots. They make such a cool fashion statement, and go with dresses and shorts. Styles in smooth matte finish are also available these days for those who are not in favour of the shiny kind.

Waterproof Ballet Flats

Leather ballet flats are designed to repel both, the rain and stains. While these may not be the right choice to pull on during heavy rains, they are definitely the perfect pair to wear during light showers.

Slip-on Sneakers


Image Credits: Sanjana Batra on Instagram

There are more to rains than shiny rain boots. Slip-on sneakers made up of suede look not just trendy but also come with waterproof features these days.

We Recommend: KOOVS slip-on sneakers.

Tips to Consider When Buying Footwear

One of the wardrobe woes that women face is finding the right shoes to go with their outfits. However, we can’t buy a new pair every single time we get a new outfit! Fortunately, there are few key style tips that can be kept in mind when you go shopping!

Be Season Appropriate

Though open sandals seem like a comfortable option, they might not balance out your heavy winter layers like a pair of thigh-high boots would! Picking the right footwear will ensure that your ensemble comes together.


Image Credits: Sonam Kapoor on Instagram

Consider The Colour And Pattern

It’s not necessary to match your shoes to your clothes, but paying close attention to the colours and patterns of your outfit will help. Pick out the dominant colour and pattern in your outfit and choose complementing footwear. Athiya’s choice of black strappy heels with horizontal stripes is a styling tip we can use!

Pick Your Heels With Caution


Image Credits: Sanjana Batra on Instagram

If styled incorrectly, heels can do more harm than good! High heels can give the illusion of height but the wrong pair can make your legs appear stumpy. If you’re not very tall, it’s better to avoid tie-ups since they tend to cut out the length and make you look shorter.  

Keep In Mind How Your Day Looks Like

Winding down after work is necessary, grabbing a drink at the bar – crucial. Sure, there is nothing more comfortable than a pair of sneakers, but we’d recommend loafers and flatforms when you need to hop from one location to another!

Shoe Style Matters


Image Credits: Tanya Ghavri on Instagram

There are a few styles of shoes and clothes that just do not flatter each other! For instance, unless you’re channeling a ‘badass bride/wedding guest, loafers wouldn’t be paired with a lehenga. Another example that comes to mind, paring kitten heels with pencil skirts can negate its elongated silhouette.

Use Wardrobe Planning Apps

If you tend to hoard, chances are that you spend a considerable time in front of your closet every morning. It would be a good idea to take assistance from the apps. Apps like ClosetSpace and Stylicious are tailored to organise and plan your ensembles

Best Shoes To Wear To Work

Though there may be no strict guidelines that apply to footwear for work, there still are some unwritten rules that forbid one from wearing certain styles. Here’s everything you can wear that’s appropriate for the workplace, and still offers a dose of great style.



Image Credits: Aastha Sharma on Instagram

Black pumps are probably the most classic piece of footwear in any woman’s wardrobe. Grab a pair if you want something that can be worn day-to-day without compromising on sophistication. Nude pumps do a similar job. Plus, like black pumps, they go well with almost any outfit.

We Recommend: Clarks black leather pumps.

Kitten Heels

These look similar to stilettos sans the huge heels and are perfect for a day outfit. We recommend wearing them with crop pants as they reveal your ankles and make the heels really stand out.

D’Orsay Flats

Looking for something comfortable to wear on a day that involves a lot of walking? D’Orsay flats are the answer. They go well with dresses, skirts and pants, and look every inch professional.



Image Credits: Sanam Ratansi on Instagram

These menswear inspired shoes are perfect for a professional look owing to the degree of polish and sophistication they offer. The added benefit is that they come without those glamorous heels.

We Recommend: Dune London loafers with broguing.

Shoes Every Woman Should Own

If you’re cautious about the number of shoes you should have, or have space or budget constraints, here are a few basics that all women should own. These will cover different occasions and needs, and they’ll add enough style so you don’t look out of sync with the world of fashion.

Ballet Flats


Image Credits: Eshaa Amiin on Instagram

Ballet flats are the go-to option when you can’t figure out which footwear to pair with your outfit. Comfortable, and polished, these can be worn with almost anything right from skirts and dresses to pants and denims.

White Sneakers


Image Credits: Tanya Ghavri on Instagram

Sneakers can take any outfit to the next level. They work in every setting (even offices) and go down with all outfits. You can wear them forever and still feel like you are wearing them for the first time.

We Recommend: Nike lace-up sneakers.

Ankle Boots


Image Credits: Ami Patel on Instagram

It’s no secret that all of Bollywood seems to be crazy about these boots. A winter staple, ankle boots look good with everything. There are plenty of options to choose from — right from elegant black and nude to rather ghastly leopard prints.



Image Credits: Sanjana Batra on Instagram

Wedges are the perfect companion to your feet in summer and spring. Pair them with party dresses or shorts, they are good to go either way.

We Recommend: KOOVS strap wedges.


A pair of classic pumps (in black or nude) will never let you down. They can be easily switched from workwear to party wear without putting much effort. These can also be a good option with Indian wear during Winter.

We Recommend: Madden Girl shimmery pumps

Statement Heels

Every woman deserves at least one pair of heels that makes a statement. Whether it is in a bold colour or with fancy embellishments, it should be something that can be pulled on with anything from a dress to denims and make you feel glamorous.

City Boots


Image Credits: Rhea Kapoor on Instagram

From the cool knee-high boots to over the knee style, these classic boots go a long way in fall, winter, rains and beyond. Heel options are endless- from stilettos and flats to wedges.


Oxford shoes, or loafers as they are called popularly, have become a popular alternative to sneakers on days when you want to have fun with your outfit without looking too laid back. 

We Recommend: KOOVS bow tie loafers.



Image Credits: Allia Al Rufai on Instagram

You decide whether you want a pair in gold or in silver. They invariably look fab and make you feel sexy. Any more worries about what footwear to wear to the club? Hope not!

Shoe Trends For 2019

With the onset of a new season, it is time for us to make space in our closet for new footwear that matches the runway trends and that we will see everywhere in the coming months. Here are the top styles in footwear that will rule the fashion industry:



Image Credits: Shaleen Nathani on Instagram

The spring summer runways were dominated by feathered footwear. One thing that models walking the runway for designers like Valentino and Prabal Gurung had in common was the presence of feathers in heels or straps.

Teva-Inspired Design

Tevas are platform sandals with criss cross velcro straps. These will be seen everywhere this season. It’s time you get your hands on one right away.

Embroidered Style

Heavy embroidery not only looks stunning on vintage jewellery boxes, but also on footwear. The Spring 2019 runways were full of these unique shoes with embroidery everywhere. No wonder, why embroideries are gradually extending to boots and slides too.

We Recommend: Dip Your Toes Orange Floral Jootis With Embroidery

Sculptured Heels

Forget stilettos, it is time to welcome unusual sculptured heels. Available in a variety of geometric shapes, these heels add the element of drama into any outfit.



Image Credits: Shaleena Nathani on Instagram

Buckles are back and they will be seen on stilettos as much as on flats. Grab a pair if you want to add extra edge to your feminine outfit.

Woven Ropes

Woven footwear are in this season. We saw them being paired with flowing dresses and skirts on the runway. These rope sandals give the perfect nautical vibes and look like you are stepping on a caribbean vacation right away.

Chunky Sneakers

Don’t expect those huge sneakers to disappear anytime soon. Dad sneakers with mega soles and in bright colours are as comfortable as they are striking.

Stylish Alternatives to Heels

Women have an interesting relationship with heels. Heels are great but not always. When there’s lot of walking involved, how we wish that we were in our favourite pair of sneakers! Who says you can wear only heels to a party where you have to look all glitzy and glamorous? Here are chic alternatives to heels that can elevate any look while keeping you comfortable.

Lace-Up Flats

Lace-up flats are stylish, trendy and every inch comfortable. Ditch your uncomfortable heels and grab a pair of lace-ups for your next office party and dance your heart out without worrying about aching feet.

We Recommend: Ajio Suede Sandals With Tie-Ups

Tasseled Sandals

Another great option on flats is tasseled sandal. Tasses are all in rage this season and a pair of footwear with cute details can work all the magic.

Block Heels


Image Credits: Ami Patel on Instagram

If you are not much of a heel person but you still want height, go for block or stack heels. They are great to keep you balanced and also look super cute.


Pretty and chic, gladiator sandals are great to channel your inner Kylie Jenner without making you feel uncomfortable.

We Recommend: Gladiator heels with braided tie-ups.

Mini Wedges

Mini wedges have all the features of wedges but with lesser heels. Plus, they are a lot more comfortable. You can easily wear them throughout the day without much to worry about.

Embellished Sandals

Finally, a gorgeous pair of sandals with lots and lots of sparkle or sequins is all that you need to rock the party look.

We Recommend: KOOVS studded sandals

Footwear Inspiration From Bollywood Celebrities

We love the shoe game of Bollywood celebrities. We have some major inspo coming from there. If like us, you too are a fan of the footwear choices of B-town, here’s a few lessons to take:

Leopard Prints


Image Credits: India Today

Deepika Padukone pulled off a pair of leopard print heels with studs on them and showed us that animal prints are not tacky after all. The Dior heels are the second hottest thing on earth we have seen! (first is Deeps herself)

Polka Dotted Pumps


Image Credits: Bollywood Hungama

PeeCee’s choice of shoes has been giving us major footwear goals for a long time now. Who would have thought that polka dots on shoes would look so stunning until Priyanka wore it! BRB, we are heading to the mall right away.

Sneakers With 3D Bows


Image Credits: Elle

The white sneakers that Anushka wore to a brunch with hubby is not like any other sneakers we have ever owned. The highlight, ofcourse, is the 3D bow decorating the shoes.

Chunky Sneakers


Image Credits: Boldsky

We spotted Alia wearing chunky sneakers in bubblegum pink. How cute do these bright Converse from Alia’s kitty look?

All-Weather Boots


Image Credits: Kareena Kapoor Khan on Instagram

Kareena Kapoor Khan’s love for boots is not a secret in the tinsel town. Our favourite fashion icon is teaching us how to carry booties in all weather. We love Bebo’s entire collection but these particular metallic boots are making us drool over them.

Crystal Pumps

No one can go wrong with embellished footwear but Sonam Kapoor’s choice of footwear defines perfection.

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This story was updated in March 2019.

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