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18 Stunning Poses Every Bride-To-Be Must Know Before D-Day!

18 Stunning Poses Every Bride-To-Be Must Know Before D-Day!

Every bride on her wedding would love to have the best memories of her big day. There’s so much tension leading up to the big day that you tend to actually miss out on taking beautiful pictures in your wedding clothes. Whether you’ve been very busy planning your wedding or you’re slightly unsure of what kind of pictures you should take… You’ve clicked on the right post. We have found you some of the most stunning bridal pictures with poses that are very easy to emulate. Are you ready for some inspiration? 

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Beautiful Bridal Shots That Should Not Be Missed On Your Wedding

Every photographer recommends conventional bridal poses, but there’s nothing exciting about those pictures now, is there? If you really want some memorable, photo-frame worthy pictures, here are some real brides you can take inspiration from!

1. Jacuzzi Style


Making use of the existing space in and around your room gives you the chance at a fun, yet out-of-the-box shot. Sitting in the bathtub, on your bed or on the couch in your room with some appropriate lighting will do the magic!

2. Just Laugh


Yes! It’s your day and you are bound to be elated. Rather than giving a boring stand up – sit down pose, just pick your favourite dance move and keep repeating the step until it brings a giant smile on your face. Candid or plandid? Nobody’s ever going to know! 

3. Regal Shot


Are you planning a destination wedding? Ensure that every bit of all the natural elements in and around the destination should be involved in your shot. When you’re going to finalize the destination, identify idyllic spots that you can take pictures at. 

4. The Arrival


Bowing your head, blushing and feeling shy on your entry is quite dated. Modern brides arrive on bikes, with a baraat and even on a ghodi! Think about how you’d like to make an entrance. Discuss with your photographers the kind of arrival shot you want. Under the phoolon ki chadar, arrive in your own unique style and let your photographers work their magic. 

5. The Cheerful Squad


If you have a bunch of besties and bridesmaids, this is a joyful dancing posture to try with your BFFs. You can also recreate it by lying on the bed using the items around to create some drama or by placing your head one above the other.

6. Capture The Details


After all, you need that wedding album which will be filled with lovely memories of each and every stage of your wedding, right? Gear up for a shot that can showcase your bridal outfit and jewellery. 

7. Haldi Look


Wedding rituals play an important part and there is no shaadi without the haldi. Capture a pose with all your friends or you can also have your photographers focus on the candid moments of the haldi ceremony.

8. The Lehenga


This one’s gorgeous right? Your bridal gown or lehenga is the single most important aspect of your wedding. Don’t miss out on capturing the beauty of it. The best lehenga shots are captured while you twirl! 

9. The Portrait Look


Now that you’ve danced, laughed, twirled and even laid down, it’s time to have one perfect portrait shot. Stand straight or turn slightly to your left or right – we all have a good side and a bad one, right? Find your angle, find your light and just smile! 

10. The All-Rounder


This shot creatively depicts a woman and ability to multitask! We’re all caught up in a million things before the big day, right? It’s going to make for an epic memory after all the chaos is over. If you’re religious, you can recreate the same shot with different mudras for a Mata Rani pose (Goddess Durga).

11. Utilize The Arrangements


You need a perfect seated shot. Practice the way you would like to sit in your bridal attire, find your angle and discuss the composition of your perfect shot with your photographers. Make use of the diwans, the floors, the mandap, the chairs or use some creative seating arrangements like a bicycle or a bike to add some drama. 

12. Candids Over Plandids


A candid shot is so much better than a pose-y picture! The best way to ensure that you get the best of both worlds is to ensure that your photographer has a separate team to capture conventional bridal shots and another one for all these candid ones. Don’t be afraid to get creative and be yourself, walk down the stairs, come in a rickshaw, wear your sneakers. J 

13. THE Moment


The mangalsutra moment is something very emotional and special that every bride would love to see time and again in her album. So capturing this lovely moment with all the actions around is all you need to bring a smile on your face later. Tell your husband-to-be that you would like him to put it on you slowly, giving your photographer ample time to capture this defining moment.

14. Get Wild


It’s your day, you do whatever makes you happy. The best way to enjoy your wedding is to let loose, it takes the edge off those nerves and makes you a little less rigid, in photos and in person. A little bit of vodka, dancing or singing, gorging on a pizza before the pheras never hurt anyone, right? Get clicked while you’re in your element and you’ll have some amazing memories! 

15. Dolled Up With Details


Once you are all dolled up, set aside a few minutes so your photographer has the opportunity to capture all the little details. With the right amount of light, the amount of creativity that you could bring to this shot is endless. 

16. The One With The Bridesmaid’s


Select one common trait among your squad and let it be naturally captured like this one. It is a cool and candid pose which also subtly shows how notorious your squad could be.

17. The Beauty Shot


Ensure you have few makeup shots while you are getting ready. Whether those are in-process makeup artist shots or pictures of you wearing your earrings, applying lipstick or blush, they all make for great pictures! 

18. The Bidaai


Your bidaai needn’t be filled with tears and goodbyes. Bring on your swag and slay in style like this cool bride. 

With all such captivating ideas, we hope you might have got a gist on how bridal shots could be creative with fun. 

Featured Image Source – Instagram

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12 Jul 2019

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