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Science Said It: Retail Therapy Can Calm Coronavirus Anxiety, Study Suggests

Science Said It: Retail Therapy Can Calm Coronavirus Anxiety, Study Suggests

I once got over a breakup by a single trip to the mall. I went in, shopped my heart out, and some 10-12 shopping bags later, I had nicely moved on. True story friends! There is a reason why Rebecca Bloomwood from Confessions of A Shopaholic constantly succumbed to the temptation of designer store displays and that crinkled kelly green scarf despite piling credit card bills: it gave her a euphoria unlike any other. And while we’ll strictly warn you against a toxic shopping spree that ends up shaking your bank account, a little retail therapy won’t hurt especially amidst all the COVID-19 anxiety. And no we aren’t saying this, experts say this! 

According to a study by the Journal of Consumer Psychology, retail therapy can actually work wonders when it comes to coping with sadness and stress by making you happier. The study further goes on establishing shopping as a sensible mode of coping in a consumer-centric world. It helps us by giving us a sense of control in times when we are feeling sad, scared, or helpless. Think of it this way, shopping for a pretty party dress at uncertain times is a way of conditioning yourself to think about better times ahead, of days when you can actually put it on and party. 


Now, a little sense of control amidst all the chaos right now won’t be that bad a thing right? As the option of stepping out of the houses remain unavailable to everyone, how about we indulge in some online shopping? Here’s a curation of some sartorial goodness that is sure to lift up your spirits amidst all the COVID-19 scares:

A Boisterous Burst Of Colours

Here is a blast of happy colours to light up your day and elevate your spirits during the social isolation days. 


Sheen And Shimmer

Ain’t no therapy like the one sprinkled with some glitter and pizzazz and here’s something that every party shopping cart should be like. Well, the sequins from last season have been swiftly replaced by metallic accents and satin. So here’s some glitter goodness that you’ll thank us for:

Summer Prints For The Win

Prepare for better days with a stock of some breezy summer days and prints that make you think of happy times ahead. Think of polka dots inspired by Carolina Herrera Spring/Summer’20 runways or a dose of balmy goodness with some tropical prints. Here are some POPxo approved prints:


Mood T-Shirts For The WFH Days

And as we prepare for the sunny days ahead there’s no harm to stock on something for the work from home days right? Here are some fun T-shirts for all the feels during the social distancing days:

Happy Shopping ladies! However, make sure to stay safe while shopping, sanitise new packages and thoroughly clean your hands after that. 


Featured Image: Unsplash

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19 Mar 2020
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