“I Love Big Butts and I Cannot Lie!” Struggles of Every Girl Who Has One

POPxo TeamPOPxo Team  |  May 6, 2016

Yes, we’re “bootylicious”, and glad we have some junk in our trunk, but that doesn’t mean it’s easy having a big butt! We’ve been called mean names, and finding clothes that fit us like a glove could be the next Mission Impossible movie. We give you the struggles of girls with big butts. (Shake that tooh nonetheless!)

1. You are rejoicing that 2014 was the year of the “big booty” and you are praying that 2015 follows suit. Thanks Kim K, for “Breaking the Internet”!

struggles of girls with big butts

2. When people give you a small amount of space to squeeze into the backseat of the car or on a crowded couch – you know it’s going to end awkwardly.

3. People start playing” Anaconda” by Nicki Minaj as you walk past them. Grrr.

struggles of girls with big butts

4. Most underwear fits like a thong – and you have a permanent wedgie. (Why can’t we all just go without?!)

5. Wearing heels is such a dilemma: they make your legs look awesome, but they also make your booty pop out a whole lot more.

6. You’re always sceptical when someone grazes your butt: “Is he a perv?” OR “Is it just the lack of space?”

Struggles of Girls With Big Butts

7. People automatically expect you to start “twerking” at parties.

Struggles of Girls With Big Butts

8. The thought of wearing mini skirts and short shorts fills you with dread and grief. And we are not even touching swimsuits.

9. Everything jiggles when you move.

10. You’ve struggled with trying out new clothes at the trial room. “Damn, NOTHING fits!” is your most common reaction.

Struggles of Girls With Big Butts

11. You always feel awkward climbing up stairs when there’s someone walking behind you.

12. Shopping for jeans and pants is always a difficult task when you’re on the hunt for a pair that doesn’t make your derriere look ginormous. And when you do find a pair that fits your ass perfectly, it’s inevitably loose at the waist.

Struggles of Girls With Big Butts

13. You kinda worry constantly about knocking things over when you walk by.

Struggles of Girls With Big Butts

14. The whole world has seen your butt crack. Life lesson learnt: Bending down in public is NOT a good idea.

15. People ask you if you’ve had some “work done” on your butt.

16. One word: Cellulite!

17. People wonder if you can balance things on your butt, like Kim K and her champagne glass.

Struggles of Girls With Big Butts

18. This is the phrase that you hate most in the world: “child-bearing hips”.

19. Instead of checking out your personality, people prefer to check out your butt.

Struggles of Girls With Big Butts

20. You have been recruited by friends in school to sit on adversaries during a fight.

Struggles of Girls With Big Butts

21. You have gotten stuck in a chair, or broken one, at least once!

22. Your friends love smacking it. And people just assume that spanking is your preferred kink.

Struggles of Girls With Big Butts

23. People recognize you from your behind just as easily as from your face.

Struggles of Girls With Big Butts

24. You hate it when people describe you as voluptuous – even if it’s a compliment.

25. While you sometimes hate having a big butt, others will do anything to have a booty like yours! It’s an asset, girl – work it! mindy


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