These IG Influencers Have Finally Found A Way To Switch Their #PeriodModeOn To #SleepModeOn

KanupriyaKanupriya  |  Aug 20, 2021
These IG Influencers Have Finally Found A Way To Switch Their #PeriodModeOn To #SleepModeOn

It does not matter how many years it’s been since we’ve been getting our periods, because we’re never fully prepared for it. The mood swings are terrible and almost impossible to handle. The cramps and muscle ache make things even more difficult. Honestly, sleeping peacefully during our periods is the ultimate dream. You take one wrong position and the leakage can lead to the ever-exhausting task of cleaning up the mess. Seriously, who even has the time to get up in the middle of the night and change pads? It’s better to stay up and kill time because #PeriodModeOn means saying goodbye to your precious sleep for days.

Well, that’s what we thought until now. Wait a second, are we implying that there’s a way to end this ordeal? We sure are! Girls, our dream of sleeping peacefully during our periods has finally come true and we’re jumping with joy. Yes, it’s that big of a deal. Thanks to Instagram influencers Parvati NairSwagata Dev, Insha Ghaii, Niki Mehra and Arushi Chawla, we have found the ultimate solution to switch from #PeriodModeOn to #SleepModeOn with Stayfree Secure Nights.

These girls, like most of us, were having a hard time sleeping, thanks to their periods (ughh!). From binge-watching to online shopping, they did it all to kill time, but nothing helped. They even hosted Instagram Live sessions at odd hours in the night to get some distraction. But well, as soon as the sesh ended, reality hit again. 

Luckily, they found a way to end the torture of long nights during periods. In fact, they happily cancelled their next Insta Live session because they had another very important thing to do—sleep! 

Ever since they changed their sanitary napkin and opted for Stayfree Secure Nights, sleepless nights during periods sound like a myth. If you ask us, it’s like the best invention humankind made after inventing the wheel. Intrigued? Scroll ahead to know all about it.

Goodbye Stain & Leakage ‘Cuz No More #PeriodModeOn


You remember that time when your cute nightwear got ruined because of period stains? Ughhh! It hurt more than an actual breakup, TBH. Digital creators and fashion bloggers Swagata, Insha and Niki know this quite well and that’s why, they prefer wearing dark PJs during their periods. But sadly, changing into dark night suits or even double bedsheets couldn’t get them a comfortable sleep. From trying double pads to worrying about dark circles to feeling DED throughout the day, periods meant torture for them. Thankfully, everything got better as soon as they changed their pads and opted for Stayfree Secure Nights.

Swagata took to her Instagram handle and wrote, “All set to never stay sleepless on a period night EVER AGAIN!” The same goes with Insha, who wrote, “Throw on those comfy cute PJ’s and slip into bed, because sleep is going to be your best-friend, even if your period is not!” Well, Niki agrees as she wrote on her ‘Gram, “I deserve to sleep well even on period nights. And so do you!”

Well, that’s what happens when you switch to Stayfree Secure Nights pads that have a longer length, wider back and 2X better coverage. These pads have LeakLock Technology and provide up to 100% leakage protection so that you get that worry-free sleep—the one that you deserve. The cottony soft cover gives you extra comfort that can finally help you switch your #SleepModeOn.

Work Without Interruption ‘Cuz Period Nights Are Now All About Good Sleep


Juggling between work, appointments, and shoots is not a cakewalk. Not getting enough rest at night despite being tired as hell is even worse. As an actor, Parvati felt more exhausted and moody during her work hours. On the other hand, physical activities during periods sounded like the toughest task to Arushi. “Stain lag gaya toh?” was her constant state of mind and that’s sad, given how much she loves dancing and travelling. Thankfully, their sleep deprivation came to an end when they switched to Stayfree Secure Nights. Honestly, that was the game-changer.

While sharing her experience on ‘Gram, Parvati wrote, “This girl has finally found a solution to sleep all night, yesss even during her periods. #PeriodModeOn now means #SleepModeOn!” Arushi was on cloud nine when she learned that she could finally say goodbye to her sleepless nights. “Can’t believe it took me so long to find this simple solution to my period night problems. Move over #PeriodModeOn, hello #SleepModeOn,” she wrote.

Sounds amazing, right? And guess what, the 320 mm long pads are travel-friendly as well! They are individually packed so you can take them pretty much anywhere. Also, its odour control system will make you feel fresh for hours.


 So girls, this is a sign that you need to change your pad and get Stayfree Secure Nights right away. Switch your #PeriodModeOn to #SleepModeOn because we all deserve to have a good night’s rest even during our periods.

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