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#GirlsNightOut: 10 Stages Of Getting Drunk With Your BFFs!

The weekend seems too far away to “catch up” with your girls. And you just can’t wait to tell them about that “work bitch”, or who said what about whom, or who found whom cheating on whom… You get the drift. Ladies’ night is a good enough excuse, right? Mid-week or weekend release – your gal pals are the perfect company for a couple of drinks, a couple of shots, two more rounds of that cocktail or, heck, just another pitcher! So, from walking in sober in sky-high stilettos to discovering pictures you don’t remember posing for – here are the inevitable stages EVERY girl goes through when going drinking with her girl gang!


Stage 1: Let’s get Cosmos! I don’t wanna get too drunk…

At this point, you have no plans whatsoever of turning tonight into a wild night. However, it’s always a good idea to start slow, isn’t it?

What everyone’s talking about: “So, what’s been up with you guys…?”

friends getting drunk (6)

Stage 2: These taste amazing! Let’s get another round.

And hence begins the “another round, please” saga. By now, your determination of “I don’t wanna get too drunk tonight” begins to stagger. Why? Because you know you’re having WAY too much fun to let lack of alcohol ruin it.

What everyone’s talking about: “Oh, I didn’t tell you guys about the date I went on last weekend.”

friends getting drunk (3)

Stage 3: This is my last one. I have to drive home.

Your friends’ typical response to this particular sentence: “Ha Ha!” You know you’re in the groove by now. Quit trying not to give in to temptation. Besides, what are cabs for?

What everyone’s talking about: “Ooooh… You know who got caught cheating?!”

friends getting drunk (4)

Stage 4: Shot! Shots! Shots!

This is precisely when the proverbial good times begin to roll. Jagerbombs, Kamikaze, Tequila, Jello Shots – we like being spoilt for choice! So does our system…

What everyone’s talking about: “We kinda went back to my place after that date…”

friends getting drunk (10)

Stage 5: Did someone order food? Where’s the food?!

A sudden realization, about food being essential for survival, dawns. What does arrive at the table, however, is different kinds of good-looking salads, when you’re TRULY craving pizza.

What everyone’s talking about: “I SO wasn’t ready for it. But, well!”

friends getting drunk (9)

Stage 6: Another drink wouldn’t hurt so much. I can hold my drinks.

Of course you can! You go, girl! Just keep your emergency contacts in handy. A girl’s gotta do what a girl’s gotta do!

What everyone’s talking about: “I think I’ll call in sick at work tomorrow…maybe take a short vacation. Ooooh, we should all go together!”

friends getting drunk (5)

Stage 7: It’s not like we meet every day. Heck, let’s do another shot!

By now, you’ve lost count of your drinks. Now, don’t scroll up to count! But, well, you’re allowed your fair share of fun on a girls-only night!

What everyone’s talking about: “Girls, please ask for the bill. It’s my treat!”

friends getting drunk (1)

Stage 8: Someone please call me a cab. My phone is drunk!

If the numbers on your keypad suddenly seem to be dancing, you know you’ve had a fantastic time!

What everyone’s talking about: “Oh my God, I love you guys SO much! We have to do this more often.”

friends getting drunk (8)

Stage 9: You think I should get back with my ex? It wasn’t THAT bad…

At this point, please exercise caution. Now is when those drunk texts magically get sent. MUST. NOT. TEXT.

What everyone’s talking about: “I think I’m just gonna end up alone.”

friends getting drunk (2)

Stage 10: Oh my God, someone please stop my head from moving!

And thus we endure the glorious hangover – the not-so-subtle reminder of THE BEST night out. Until next time, of course.

What everyone’s talking about: “When the hell were those pictures taken?!”

friends getting drunk (7)

GIFs: tumblr

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06 May 2016

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