Bhaiya Aur Teekha! 10 Things You’ll Relate To If You Love Spicy Food

Janvi ManchandaJanvi Manchanda  |  Mar 25, 2021
Bhaiya Aur Teekha! 10 Things You’ll Relate To If You Love Spicy Food


Remember that old TikTok trend where girls would ask for teekha pani puri? Well, for some of us, that’s real life!

Spicy food is everything to some foodies. For us teekha lovers, it doesn’t matter if it’s our favorite food items or the most delicious dish, nothing is good enough if it isn’t spicy. And that’s not all, sometimes you may feel like a fire-breathing dragon after all that teekha but it still isn’t spicy enough! TBH, everything tastes a lot better when it’s spicy and if it isn’t, you always have green chillies and hot sauce at your disposal. 

If reading this has already made you want to order those extra spicy hot wings, here are some things you’ll totally relate to.

1. Make It Extra Spicy

You’re always asking for ‘extra spicy’ food whenever you go to a restaurant and even if you order in. And if not that, you’re always asking for some ‘extra chilli sauce’ or ‘green chillies’. After all, what if life without extra spice!

2. Hot Wings Are Comfort Food

While most people turn to burgers or pizza, for you, comfort food is that place with insanely hot chicken wings. It doesn’t matter if you have tears rolling down your eyes after the second piece. And you’re always up for a hot wings challenge any time of the day!

3. Where’s The Bhut Jolokia?

You love all your friends from the North East because they’re the only ones who get you the best gift ever –Bhut Jolokia chilli. You head over heels in love with this Guinness Book certified ‘hottest chilli’ (also known as ghost pepper) in the world. If it were up to you, you’d add Bhut Jolokia in everything you eat. 

4. Do You Have A Tongue Of Steel?

You heard something along these lines every now and then. And if it’s not this, it’s ‘are your taste buds dead?’. People are always surprised by the amount of teekha you can handle.

5. Eh, Thanks But No Thanks!

All your friends and family know better than to touch the food you’ve ordered or even cooked! They know they cannot handle your kinda spicy food.

8. I’m Sorry, What?

You just don’t get people who cannot handle spicy food. Like seriously, just what is wrong with them?

7. OMG! This Is Too Spicy

That term is foreign to you. You don’t even remember the last time you said that. But we all know that one person who can’t even handle a pinch of chilli powder. So, when you hear them screaming about how spicy the food is, you cannot help but feel a little superior. Tsk Tsk, amateurs!

8. Teekha Lover To The Rescue!

But you’re also the person to be their knight in shining armor. You’ve been there at some point in time so you know water does not help! It’s always milk that can soothe someone when their mouth is on fire.

9. Spicy Food Is The Goal

Wherever you go, whatever you do, your main goal is to find spicy food, always. You just cannot wait to check out that new restaurant around the corner and find out the spiciest dishes on their menu. But at the same time, you always make sure to carry your fave hot sauce with you just in case the food isn’t spicy enough!

10. You Are The Alpha

When it comes to eating spicy, no one can beat you. People just can’t help but respect you for your tolerance level. And also because you never make the mistake of touching your face after eating something spicy. But if there’s anyone out there who can beat you at eating spicy food, they’re already your best friend!

Well, what can we say…we must be demigods to be able to handle all that teekha...or maybe we’re just a dragon-human hybrid! Jokes apart, we’re already craving some spicy hot wings, what about you?

Feature Image: YouTube